BaseHealth Introduces Genephen – Integrated Health Management Platform

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HPC Life SciencesBaseHealth recently announced the official launch of its integrated health management platform, Genophen. The Genophen platform integrates genomic and clinical data with behavioral analysis to engage patients with their physicians and help physicians create a detailed action plan uniquely suited to the patient.

This isn’t just another B2C genomics app — this is what doctors would want if they ordered a 23andme assessment for their patients. While a patient can take home and access their info, they first have to review the results with their physician to ensure that they know how to understand their individual risks and can adjust their action plans with a professional if necessary.

80% of common complex diseases are preventable, yet they are currently among the most common and costly diseases across the globe. According to the Center for Disease Control, those diseases, including heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, arthritis and obesity, account for 7 in 10 deaths each year in the United States. Genophen helps patients collaborate with their physicians to manage their long-term health based on a high-resolution understanding of each individual patient’s genomic, lifestyle, family history, and clinical data.


The platform provides health assessments that are reviewed and guided by a physician on over 40 common complex diseases including heart disease, diabetes, and some forms of cancer, among others. For each disease, the Genophen platform shows patients their modifiable (diet, behavior) and nonmodifiable (genetics, family history) risk factors so that the patient and physician can choose a course of action based on variables they can control. In addition, they can use Genophen’s “what if” analysis to visualize how changes in their behavior could impact their wellness over time.

This is the first time that a patient can responsibly explore genomic data in combination with other personal health data with their physician,” said Hossein Fakhrai-Rad, CEO of BaseHealth. “That is exciting in and of itself. What’s even more exciting is the promise of improved dialogue between patient and physician and resulting long-term wellness.”

Genophen starts with genotyping or whole genome sequencing, performed by a CLIA certified laboratory partner. Genophen then connects each patient’s genomic data with non-genomic data including clinical data, family history, environment, and lifestyle.

These data sets are combined and analyzed with Genophen’s proprietary analysis engine to produce comprehensive and individualized health information backed by peer-reviewed citations and raw data. Then, a physician utilizes the data to craft a detailed action plan unique to the patient. Finally, the data is made available to the patient after a consultation with a physician to encourage ongoing commitment to the plan.

We’re at an inflection point in genomics and healthcare. Patients are increasingly curious and increasingly motivated. We are all living longer, and we expect to live better too,” said Dr. Mehrdad Rezaee, Chief Medical Officer of BaseHealth. “BaseHealth is positioned to promote lifelong wellness and create a more fruitful relationship between physicians and patients.”

Genophen is available for physicians and physicians groups who are interested in using the platform with their patients.

Key Features of Genophen:

  • Comprehensive physician-guided health assessment – includes the identification of actionable risk factors and graphs visualizing risk over time
  • “What If” analysis – allows patients to input hypothetical lifestyle changes to visualize how modifiable risk factors can affect long-term wellness
  • Food and drug response – Genophen presents information to physicians based on the patient’s collected medical history and genetic data to reveal potential responses to several foods and drugs
  • Physical activity tracking – integration with FitBit; integration with other biometric devices in development
  • Accessible via an online dashboard and an iPhone application
  • Food ranking – includes the entire USDA food database, ranked in order of nutritional fit for the individual user
  • HealthReaderTM – a comprehensive and personalized knowledge base for health news, conditions, drugs, and treatments


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