Hortonworks Announces ‘YARN Ready’ Program to Accelerate Hadoop Adoption

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hortonworksinsideBIGDATA Hadoop Summit 2014 Coverage

Hortonworks, a leading contributor to and provider of enterprise Apache™ Hadoop®, today announced the launch of the YARN Ready Program as the latest addition to the Hortonworks Partner Certification Program. The program provides partners with the assurance that their YARN Ready tools and applications are fully compatible with the Hortonworks Data Platform.

Today’s enterprises are looking to go beyond batch processing and integrate existing applications with Hadoop to realize the benefits of real-time processing and interactive query capabilities. Specifically created to capitalize on the capabilities of Hadoop 2, the YARN Ready Program includes tools, guides, sample code, access to the technical resources and a simple mechanism for certification—indicating that new and existing tools and applications have been deeply integrated with YARN.

As more organizations move from single-application Hadoop clusters to a versatile, integrated Hadoop 2 data platform hosting multiple applications, YARN is strategically positioned as the true integration point of today’s enterprise data layer. At the architectural center of Hadoop, YARN provides access to the core elements of the platform. Tools and applications that are YARN Ready have been certified to deeply integrate with the Hortonworks Data Platform.

Enterprises are looking for tools and applications that more effectively integrate with Hadoop in a resource consistent way, helping to make the promise of a data lake a reality,” said Bob Page, vice president of partner product management at Hortonworks. “Applications that are YARN Ready give customers assurance that they will run these workloads in Hadoop rather than on Hadoop.”

The YARN Ready Program is available under the umbrella of the Hortonworks Partner Certification Program, designed to expand, support and accelerate the growth of a vibrant Apache Hadoop ecosystem. By being YARN Ready, ISVs can now integrate with Hortonworks’ 100-percent open source Apache Hadoop platform and benefit from:

  • Tech Expertise—With access to the architects and builders of YARN and a detailed implementation guide with sample code, partners can accelerate next-generation Hadoop deployments at their enterprise customers.
  • Roadmap Input—Hortonworks’ steadfast commitment to 100-percent open source Apache Hadoop ensures that its partner community is empowered with input into the future direction of YARN, access to pre-release builds, and visibility into the YARN roadmap, ensuring the success of future Hadoop integration projects.
  • Revenue—Proven integration with the Hortonworks Data Platform, one of the most widely deployed Apache Hadoop distributions, helps customer confidence and accelerates adoption.

We’re pleased to certify HDP 2.1 with Hunk 6.1 for exploratory analytics with schema-on-the-fly search and visualizations in minutes, not months, commented Nima Haddadkaveh, Hunk product manager, Splunk. “We look forward to joint product development to take further advantage of YARN, Apache Tez data science pipelines, and Apache Knox perimeter security.”


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