TIBCO Jaspersoft Launches Visualize.js Framework for Embedding Analytics and Data Visualizations

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TIBCO_logoTIBCO Software Inc. (NASDAQ: TIBX) today announced that its Jaspersoft® group, creating the ”Intelligence Inside” applications and business processes, has released Visualize.js, a JavaScript framework for advanced embedding of visualizations and reports in applications. The new framework, which is included in the newly released TIBCO Jaspersoft 5.6 product, delivers more control, simplicity and power for application developers by combining the power of the complete Jaspersoft analytic server with the simplicity and control of JavaScript. In addition to Visualize.js, Jaspersoft introduced a series of updates to its flagship platform. Version 5.6 of the Jaspersoft platform includes virtualized blending of relational and Big Data sources such as MongoDB, Hadoop and Cassandra, more powerful analytic calculations and visualizations, and new interactive reporting features.


With Visualize.js, anyone building a web application can more easily include powerful analytics as an integrated experience. Developers can now embed highly interactive visualizations and reports with more control and power than previously available using iFrames, charting libraries or other BI vendor solutions. Visualize.js leverages the REST APIs of JasperReports® Server for built-in services such as data connectivity, repository access, in-memory analytics, and visualization design.  Visualize.js ushers in the next generation of embedded analytic platforms with its on-premises or cloud deployment options, low-cost subscription or utility pricing, and comprehensive feature set which delivers unmatched control and simplicity.

Our Web-based application, GET Waggle, makes it simple for teachers and school administrators to track and measure students’ progress and growth on skills and standards,” noted early Visualize.js user, Raj Chary, vice president of technology and architecture at Triumph Learning. “Data visualizations and analytics are a key component of our product platform, and the ability to take immediate actions on key metrics makes it a very powerful tool for our users. We needed visualizations in our product to be a delightful, not a daunting experience. Jaspersoft, with Visualize.js, provided a very rich way to integrate and build reports. This allowed us to easily embed the full power of the platform into GET Waggle to create an experience that makes the data actionable for our users.”

Here is a short video introducing Visualize.js, the new javascript framework for JasperReports Server from TIBCO Jaspersoft.

Jaspersoft 5.6

Version 5.6 of the Jaspersoft BI platform is designed to help more business users become capably analytic, with advances in key areas such as Big Data connectivity, platform performance, analytics and reporting. In summary, the new features in version 5.6 include:

  • Federated query connectors to virtually blend relational data with data from companies such as MongoDB, Hadoop or Cassandra;
  • Improved native connectors for direct access to companies such as MongoDB, Hadoop and Cassandra for real-time reporting;
  • New analytic calculations and functions allow users to build their own algorithms for more advanced analysis of data;
  • New chart types including spider, bubble, and dual-level pie charts; and
  • Enhanced interactive reporting functionality, including improved zoom and search capabilities.

More than ever, analytics is now a thing that you do and not a place that you go,” said Brian Gentile, senior vice president and general manager, TIBCO Jaspersoft. “The Jaspersoft 5.6 platform advancements, when combined with the new Visualize.js framework, enable any web application to seamlessly embed and control advanced analytic functionality. This enables just the right amount of data — no more and no less — to be presented directly in an application, making everyone more capably analytic.”


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