Talend Introduces the Big Data Sandbox to Accelerate Adoption of Big Data

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talendTalend, a global big data integration software leader, today announced the availability of the Talend Big Data Sandbox, a pre-configured virtual environment designed to quickly get big data projects off the ground through real-world use cases and interactive learning tools.

Big data projects often start with a “sandbox” or proof-of-concept project. Throughout these projects, challenges abound that derail plans and prevent companies from delivering an effective return-on-data. A completely configured virtual big data integration environment, the Big Data Sandbox provides a one-stop-shop for big data integration, data quality and Hadoop, saving developers weeks of installation and configuration time, as well as time spent building and integrating their first big data prototype.

Big data developers are scarce and can be very costly,” said Fabrice Bonan, chief product officer and co-founder of Talend. “Talend enables current data integration developers to quickly connect, transform and manage diverse structured and unstructured data sources without any MapReduce programming, using graphical Eclipse-based tools to generate optimized code.”

Preconfigured with real-world use cases, the Big Data Sandbox helps big data users to quickly and easily evaluate their big data needs. The Big Data Insights Cookbook, included, contains a step-by-step guide with several working big data examples and video tutorials, comprising: ETL offloading, clickstream analysis, Twitter sentiment analysis and Apache weblog analysis. This rich environment enables users to speed up their big data integration learning curve.

With the Big Data Sandbox, developers can start prototyping their project using the fully featured Talend Platform for Big Data, big data documentation, online video tutorials, vast open online community, and connectivity to any data source including big data distributions and NoSQL.

The Talend Big Data Sandbox is a 30-day trial sandbox that combines Talend Platform for Big Data with the choice of Hortonworks’, Cloudera’s or MapR’s Hadoop distribution into a download-and-drive pre-configured virtual environment. The Big Data Insights Cookbook is also included as part of the download. The Talend Big Data Sandbox is available immediately and can be downloaded from the Talend website at http://www.talend.com/talend-big-data-sandbox.


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  1. Interesting approach, I think that the infrastructure providers future is based on bare metal. I just signed up on an O’Reilly webcast about Getting the Most Out of Your NoSQL DB/ Best Practices for Optimizing Infrastructure Performance and Budget. This would be interesting, it would reveal how Impala, Elasticsearch and Couchbase perform when scaled vertically and horizontally, over a number of different bare metal setups.