Actian Introduces Big Data 2.0 Clear Path Program

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ActianActian Corporation (“Actian”), the first company to deliver an end-to-end big data analytics platform that runs natively in Hadoop, today announced its Big Data 2.0 Clear Path Program designed to help companies jumpstart analytics projects or rapidly move existing ones into production. The program provides a complete roadmap to address specific business challenges, with proven methodologies and pre-defined workflows to accelerate customers along their analytics journey. Developed by data scientists in Actian’s Analytics Center of Excellence (COE), the Big Data 2.0 Clear Path Program applies breakthrough big data concepts for faster time to value, increased accuracy and deeper discovery leveraging the sophisticated algorithms and lightning-fast performance of the Actian Analytics Platform.

The Big Data 2.0 Clear Path Program embodies best practices in an era of rapidly proliferating data sources and volumes and is able to be customized to meet unique organizational requirements. It enables innovators within any organization to save weeks or months on deployment with fast design and iterative modeling, and future-proof their analytics on a platform designed to scale as business needs evolve and data volumes grow.

The Clear Path Program provides:

  • Blueprint diagrams, available at no cost via the Actian website, laying out big data-centric advanced analytics methodology to accelerate time to value, deepen data discovery and blend traditional data with new data types for more accurate results
  • Pre-built workflows that customers can use out of the box with their own data
  • Workshops with Actian data scientists to apply the methodology to each customer’s unique problems and datasets

Companies are struggling to maximize the returns from their big data investments as they are often unaware of the new methodologies and data sources that provide timely and accurate insights that could materially improve their business processes and help them make more informed decisions,” said Ashish Gupta, chief marketing officer and senior vice president of business development, Actian. “Actian’s Clear Path Program deepens our analytics innovation leadership by giving customers analytics roadmaps designed to address the most vexing business challenges and maximize data analytics investments. By contributing these blueprints to our community of partners and customers, we aim to accelerate innovation in and drive adoption of big data analytics.”

The first set of blueprints focuses on Customer Analytics to help businesses better understand their customers to drive more revenue from individual customers and increase market share:

  • Customer Profile Analysis: Create a 360-degree view of customer
  • Micro-Segmentation: Create more granular customer segments, down to a “segment of one”
  • Customer Lifetime Value Analysis: Discover and cultivate high-value customers
  • Next Best Action: Predict and influence customer decisions
  • Campaign Optimization: Rapidly build and refine campaigns
  • Churn Analysis: Prevent high-value customers from leaving
  • Market Basket Analysis: Uncover hidden profitability

Actian and its partners will release a series of additional sets targeting specific domain and vertical challenges over the next several months.

Executives are being challenged like never before to keep up with the rapid rate of change in the digital marketing technology space. They need guidance to navigate new data and analytics that unlock transformational value,” said Dr. Natalie Petouhoff, vice president and principal analyst for digital marketing, Constellation Research. “Actian gives them a clear path forward whether they are just starting or already in motion to rapidly move well down the road on their predictive analytics journey.”

Delivering Data Science Expertise to Solve Big Data Problems

Actian created the Analytics Center of Excellence with locations currently in California, Texas and New York with the charter to help customers maximize the value from their data by accelerating analytics projects, utilizing proven techniques and methodologies, and providing expert guidance on new ways to utilize analytics to address business challenges. The team is comprised of seasoned data scientists and is complemented by Actian’s strategic partners and consulting companies that share best practices with customers to accelerate the ROI from big data projects.

The Clear Path Program embodies the collective experience from a multitude of real-world customer engagements, proven data scientist practices and highly parallel analytics algorithms for rapid iteration, addressing both traditional and emerging data sources.

A Winning Ecosystem

In a recent survey of 303 big data practitioners, Wikibon found that 72 percent of today’s organizations employ outside consultants to help architect, deploy or run big data analytics projects. Actian is building a vibrant ecosystem of partners that are well versed with the blueprints in the Big Data 2.0 Clear Path Program. By leveraging the best practices in the blueprints, partners can extend their services offerings and easily customize and optimize the Actian Analytics Platform to meet the needs of their customers. Some of the leading technology partners supporting the Big Data 2.0 Clear Path Program include:

Companies are increasingly asking for solutions that unlock the power of big data and expand it beyond the lab,” said Craig Jackson, founder and vice president, Performant Systems Group. “We’re pleased to be partnering with Actian to deliver on the innovative Clear Path program that combines our data science and consulting expertise with real-world use cases to bring organizations’ projects to market. Together, we make it easier to leverage big data and quickly gain meaningful insights from it.”

Our clients are constantly looking to Slalom to identify and apply the latest technologies to solve their business problems,” said Chris Schrader, solution principal, Slalom Consulting. “We have found Actian’s Clear Path Program allows our clients to quickly leverage big data to create real solutions of value, such as a retailer needing to perform a market basket analysis.  It’s with this focus on business outcomes that Slalom helps our clients succeed.”

Value from a big data implementation comes when it is designed to address a defined business problem,” said Rishi Bhatnagar, founder and CEO, Syntelli Solutions Inc. “Actian’s Clear Path Program is the catalyst that will ensure clear, pre-defined value with a low-risk approach. Syntelli Solutions is proud to be part of this innovative way of delivering ROI on analytics and big data projects with Actian.”


Actian Customer Analytics Clear Path blueprints are now available for the Actian Analytics Platform – Extreme Edition and the Actian Analytics Platform – Hadoop SQL Edition. For additional information, please contact Actian at


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