Predictive Analytics for Big Data Using EmcienPatterns

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emcien_logoEmcienPatterns is Emcien’s Data Analysis Platform, providing complete and automated data analysis by revealing the patterns in data, analyzing those connections, and delivering answers to the user or to downstream systems through APIs.

The video below contains a demonstration of Emcien’s predictive analytics software on publicly available data. With flight data from, the data science platform EmcienPatterns analyzes the entire data set to determine the predictive relationships between carriers, flight paths, delays, and six other metrics, revealing the causal relationships that predict flight delays.

EmcienPatterns is currently deployed across multiple sectors including telecommunications, retail and banking, at companies such as NCR. Use cases include:

  • Distribution service predicting server failure on a worldwide network,
  • Bank improving customer service to prevent churn, and
  • Telco provider analyzing weather data to preempt dropped calls.

Recent platform update details include:

  • Predictors – EmcienPatterns automatically generates all the predictive rules for a particular outcome or event. This capability can be used to automatically guide rule-based systems and prioritize response based on severity of outcome.
  • Impact Report – This feature allows users to see the impact of a sequence of strong patterns within their data. For example, an analyst investigating customer churn may discover the sequence of events that cause churn. Knowing which customers are experiencing any of these events helps close the loop by prompting a call from a customer service representative or triggering automatic rewards.
  • Extended APIs – Emcien applications’ ability to integrate with visualization, reporting and dashboarding tools have been greatly extended with this latest release. Emcien’s automatic data analysis features can now be more easily viewed in more familiar and existing visualization tools.

Each of these new features gives our clients more advanced data science capabilities without the need for extensive data cleansing, modeling or queries,” said Radhika Subramanian, CEO, Emcien. “Our customers are able to use the EmcienPatterns user interface or API function, and even customize the platform to specific business needs through a range of innovative, purpose-built applications.”


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