MongoHQ becomes “Compose”

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Compose_logoDatabase-as-a-service provider MongoHQ announced that it now offers ElasticSearch as a service through its platform. In recognition of its expansion beyond MongoDB to being a multi-DBaaS vendor, the company has officially changed its name to “Compose,” and its website can now be accessed at

With this announcement, Compose now offers a fully-managed platform to safely and responsibly deploy, host and scale both MongoDB and ElasticSearch (in Beta). For developers, the ability to combine the speed and scale of MongoDB for application data with the flexible, near real-time search capabilities of ElasticSearch through a single DBaaS platform will offer a unique ability to more fully exploit the advantages of each database.

In computer science, ‘composition’ is the process of combining existing functions into a new function that solves new problems,” said Kurt Mackey, CEO, Compose. “It is a simple and well understood programming concept that can also be applied to database infrastructure. Modern applications have diverse data problems that are poorly served with a single database technology. Compose helps developers combine multiple open source tools to solve unique data problems in production applications.”

As an open-sourced structured search engine, ElasticSearch can be leveraged for a wide range of uses, including user-defined, flexible queries across a range of attributes and powerful full text search.

MongoDB is an effective primary data store for applications — ElasticSearch is a powerful indexing engine for data that needs to be queried across a range of different attributes based on user input,” said Mackey. “By enabling both through an easy-to-use DBaaS platform, we’re giving developers the ability to use these powerful tools in production applications.”

Composing through DBaaS

For Compose, the addition of ElasticSearch represents only a first step in its mission to enable developers to choose the database that’s right for their needs and quickly go into production. The company will continue to add databases to its menu of Database-as-a-Service options. According to the company, each additional new database will increase the ability of developers to build new applications powered by multiple databases, all with one-click production deployments.

Compose seeks to deliver the most easy and cost-effective way for developers to host and scale new databases. Unlike platforms that require you to anticipate how much space you’ll require, Compose asks users to pay only for the data they actually use. Starting at $18/GB per month for MongoDB, and $54 per month for the first 2GB for ElasticSearch, then $18/GB per month as it grows, Compose’s as-a-service deployments:

●      Scale automatically, growing as your data grows

●      Provide automatic daily backups

●      Quickly integrate new versions of MongoDB/ElasticSearch

●      Let you choose where you host your data

●      Let you pay only for the data you use


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