Sponsored Post: Intel Cloud Edition Available for Lustre Software

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Lustreonaws2When you mix enormous amounts of data, massive numbers of individual files, and limited disk drive capacity in an HPC cluster, you’re sure to see the bottlenecks that result in performance degradation. These diminishing returns are just plain bad for business. But if you use Amazon Web Services (AWS), the Intel Cloud Edition for Lustre Software may be just what you need.

Details are available for download on the insideBigdata White Paper Library.

Intel has collaborated with AWS to offer a Cloud Edition for Lustre Software that allows customers to use the power of the worlds’ most popular HPC parallel file system:

  • Providing fast, scalable storage software
  • Increasing scalability and performance
  • Optimizing servers for the workload they support

The Cloud Edition for Lustre Software is available in a cloud-based Linux environment through AWS.

Suited for HPC workloads and pay-as-you-go applications, the Cloud Edition for Lustre Software helps optimize servers for the workloads they support. Users can add, remove or reconfigure AWS resources to meet workload and budget demands. Lustre experts at Intel provide 24/7 support to help you use the software on Amazon Web Services.

Download the product brief here.

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