Big Data in Banking and Financial Services

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BigData_FinanceService quality is one of the most prominent reasons why customers switch banks. With credit card transactions and loyalty programs, banks possess far more data about customers than any other industry. But in spite of all the data, banks are unable to effectively deliver personalized service. The reason? The level of customer intelligence. In this Industry Perspectives article, we offer the webinar presentation below to show you how to leverage big data and serve each customer’s unique needs.

In 2012, over 50% of customers either changed their bank or were planning to change.” – Global Consumer Banking Survey by Ernst & Young.

The talk addresses the following pain-points:

  • Challenges banks are facing in getting a 360 degree view of their customers
  • Impact of big data on customer churn, engagement, marketing, and mobile wallet
  • Key banking use cases that are paving the way and delivering value with big data
  • Big data best practices and success stories from leading banks

The presenters are Benjamin Woo from Neuralytix and Naren Patil from NGDATA


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