Versium Partners with Scribe Software for LifeData® & Predictive Analytics Scoring Services

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versium-logoVersium, a data technology company that operates a LifeData® predictive analytics scoring service, today announced its partnership with Scribe Software, an established global provider of data integration solutions that allow customer data to be easily transferred throughout different enterprise systems throughout an organization.   Scribe Software’s enterprise partners will now have access to Versium’s LifeData and predictive analytics scoring services via Scribe’s API.  Versium’s more than 400 billion LifeData attributes and predictive scores will be integrated into the cloud-based Scribe Online platform, making them easily accessible to all 12,000 of the company’s customers.

As business intelligence and predictive analytics become more mainstream, business users require immediate access to actionable intelligence – this includes both enterprise data, as well as external data such as Versium’s LifeData,” said Scribe Software CEO Lou Guercia.  “Manually collecting data from disparate systems is no longer feasible.  Our new iPaaS capabilities make data integration easy and affordable for our growing partners working toward a common vision for the connected enterprise.”

How it Works

Versium’s proprietary LifeData predictive analytics scoring service is a compilation of information created by individuals as they interact in the real world, which companies typically have been unable to capture until now.  Versium’s analytics platform combines a company’s proprietary enterprise data with LifeData to provide richer insights into behavior, and enable more accurate statistical and predictive models.  The system outputs various predictive scores (similar to a credit score, but for marketing purposes) based on a desired business case and underlying ROI objective.  LifeData insights and predictive scores can be accesses via real-time API query, or batch process, so that these insights can be built into existing enterprise applications (i.e. CRM solutions and marketing automation tools) to enable rapid access and use without the need for platform deployment and support.

Customer-specific data intelligence is extremely powerful when an organization is able to place it in the hands of people who can act on it,” said Chris Matty, Versium’s CEO. Through our partnership with Scribe, enterprise customers will benefit from being able to seamlessly connect their vital business data with the insights contained in our LifeData and Predictive Scores.   Being armed with this level of actionable intelligence provides companies with specific data to better maximize profits, mitigate risks and optimize consumer targeting, a significant competitive advantage.”


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