Intel Enterprise Edition Software for Lustre

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chartHigh performance is key for tackling the data-intensive computing challenges. As these Big Data workloads grow, a new generation of storage solutions will be needed to deliver the required throughput.

From Boston to Bangalore, the benefits and challenges of Big Data need to be met by affordable, scalable and powerful software tools that are able to analyze and manage that data. Intel just launched affordable and powerful software for Lustre that increases performance and scalability. To learn more, download the Product Brief from insideBIGDATA White Paper Library.

Intel Enterprise Edition Software for Lustre brings high performance storage to data-intensive applications. It offers a parallel file system needed for more powerful computing and lets managers reach their business goals sooner and at lower cost using the scalability of Lustre.

Today’s HPC users insist that application frameworks analyze vast amounts of data. EE Software for Lustre can transform vast amounts of data into data-driven decisions. And using the software with Hadoop makes storage management simpler with single Lustre file systems rather than partitioned, hard-to-manage storage.

Intel EE software for Lustre is open sourced and is hardware, server, and network-fabric neutral. Lustre is the most widely used parallel file system for HPC and is fully backed and supported by Intel.

Download the Product Brief here.

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