HAMR – Beyond MapReduce

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ET International, Inc. (ETI) has announced that a beta version of HAMR is available for testing. After an extensive period of collaborative R&D and private testing, its big data analytics framework HAMR is now available for market-wide testing by developers and data scientists.

HAMR is a natural and intuitive extension to Hadoop programming paradigms, providing a unified feature-rich framework that is fast, easy to use, and expressive. HAMR’s single programming interface is a breakthrough because it simplifies and streamlines the development process in a way that users of Hadoop as well as other programmers will recognize. HAMR’s runtime uitilizes its patent-pending Flowlets technology to provide performance up to 20X vs. standard Hadoop.

HAMR has been highly optimized so that even the simplest program will experience a significant performance improvement. The framework will automatically tune itself to optimally use the available resources of the system it is running within. The video below provides a brief introduction to HAMR:

Qualified programmers and data scientists may register to beta test HAMR HERE.

Learn more about HAMR and access the white paper “Beyond MapReduce” HERE.


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