Deloitte and Guavus Partner to Address Needs of Australian Enterprise Market

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big_data_adoptionDeloitte Australia announced it had entered into a Memorandum of Understanding in Australia to work with Guavus Inc., a leading provider of big data analytics solutions for operational intelligence, to assist organizations with their big data analytics and operational challenges.

Based in Silicon Valley, Guavus has been recognized for its innovative approach to developing use-case led solutions for network operations, marketing and customer care based on streaming data analytics. These next generation solutions, which are built on top of the Guavus Reflex Operational Intelligence Platform, analyze massive streams of structured and unstructured data from complex relationships across multiple, disparate source systems in real-time The company’s technology has been proven at Tier-1 telecommunication carriers globally and the company currently processes more than 2.5 petabytes of data per day and analyses more than 50% of all mobile data traffic in the United States.

As businesses collect and store more and more data, taking these assets and converting them into actionable insights presents both major challenges and major opportunities,” said Anthony Viel, Deloitte Managing Partner, Data Agenda. “Introducing Guavus to the Australian market is an exciting development for Deloitte and for any business looking to extract actionable insights in real time from increasingly large and complex data streams and drive better business strategy and decision making. Guavus has developed a highly effective operational intelligence platform that addresses today’s big data challenges by turning streaming data from multiple sources into the right action at the right time. Traditional approaches for collecting, loading and processing data have limitations that impact the ability to produce immediate results. Guavus’ innovative ‘live analytics’ model puts high volume data to work – up to hundreds of billions of events or petabytes per day – to uncover new insights and allow clients to make better informed and more timely decisions. The outcomes of better informed and faster decision making can mean new revenue streams, reduced operating costs and happier and more loyal customers.”

In addition to assisting Australian telcos seeking customer, operational and performance improvements, Deloitte intends to utilize the Guavus platform to benefit businesses  with foreseeable big data challenges operating in the financial services, retail, energy industries as well as the public sector.

In today’s increasingly complex business environments, every company’s data assets hold the key to improving profitability and competing more effectively,” said Guavus CEO Manish Goel. “Guavus is delighted to combine its proven big data analytics solutions for operational intelligence with Deloitte Australia’s deep knowledge of their clients’ business to help enterprises increase revenue, reduce cost and risk, and improve customer experience.”

Current big data analytics practice is a store-first approach, followed by searches for insights and opportunities in data that is days, weeks or even months old. It is becoming increasingly difficult and costly to analyze the huge amounts of data an organization stores. Guavus has flipped the paradigm, taking a constant, real time, analyse-first approach that drives faster insights and faster actions by rapidly correlating large and diverse streaming and static data. Tapping and analysing data as it arrives, rather than looking for specks of gold in an increasingly huge and largely redundant data lake, allows business to understand issues almost instantaneously, implement solutions faster, and at significantly less cost.

Deloitte has a defined global alliance strategy to ensure that its clients have access to the broadest spectrum of analytics services. Existing alliances include Kaggle, SAS, Tableau, IBM, Qliktech and Micro Strategies.


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