Kristalytics Maximizes Revenue with Data Blending

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The following big data use case is an example of how data blending techniques can help businesses maximize their revenue. Kristalytics is a digital ad agency and marketing firm, with clients such as Sport Clips, that utilizes Alteryx to extract, summarize and analyze billions of impressions across digital marketing platforms such as Google, Bing and other ad networks. They find geographic patterns in the millions that click, and geographic, demographic and psychographic patterns in the thousands that buy.

In a recent talk at the Alteryx Inspire conference, Kristalytics President Ben Morris shared a sample campaign where the top 45% of the US population by geography yielded 100% of a digital campaign’s net profit, the next 35% yielded a marginal 22% net profit, and the final 20% yielded a negative 22% net profit. He walks through how this insight based on data blending tools helps Kristalytics and their clients cut waste and maximize profits in their digital media buys. The slides for the presentation can be accessed and downloaded HERE.

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