New Data Integration Tool Saves Major Healthcare Company $300,000

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Big-Data-HealthcareDatasource Consulting, LLC, a leading Enterprise Information Management and Data Warehouse consultancy serving large enterprise customers throughout the United States, announces the release of INFATools Stage Mapping Generator (INFATools), a proprietary tool that speeds up the process of creating staging mappings, sessions and workflows in Informatica while improving efficiency and quality.

When building a data warehouse, operational data store, or enterprise data hub, a significant amount of time is spent manually creating integration mappings to load a staging, or acquisition layer.  This process is laborious and prone to errors.  Due to the low complexity and high degree of similarity between mappings, the development is often sent offshore in an attempt to reduce cost.  However, it doesn’t reduce the delivery time and often requires additional rework.  INFATools Stage Mapping Generator changes the way project teams deliver by automating the creation of Infomatica sessions, mappings and, as well as the target database tables.  This tool allows the mass creation of stage mapping in minutes, while improving overall quality and efficiency.

A major healthcare company recently saved almost $300,000 by using INFATools Stage Mapping Generator.  A project that took four junior ETL developers 4 months to complete was accomplished in only two weeks by a senior ETL developer using INFATools. INFATools has been developed by Jerry Perez and Steve Dine of Datasource Consulting.

We’ve been using a beta version of INFATools on many of our projects.  It is great to celebrate the official launch of the software,” said Steve Dine of Datasource Consulting.  “This tool has an easy to use interface and installs in under a minute.  There is no longer a reason to manually generate stage mappings.”

While there are a few other tools on the market that generate stage mappings in Informatica, they require manual input in Microsoft Excel, manual uploading of the XML definitions into the repository, lack the functionality to generate the target database tables, and are significantly more expensive.

The INFATools Stage Mapping Generator has been approved by Informatica for listing in the Informatica Marketplace.  Several mapping templates come standard with the software and many more are currently being developed and uploaded to fit a wide variety of different business applications.


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