Monitis Announces Launch of Real User Monitoring

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Monitis_logoMonitis, the monitoring specialist, today announced the availability of Real User Monitoring (RUM), a new feature that allows system administrators and website operators to see exactly what their site visitors are experiencing. By collecting information generated by actual website users RUM boosts the analytical options of the Monitis cloud-based monitoring suite. RUM is available now and starts at $9 per month for 150,000 page views, with the option to add unlimited domains.

The data collected with RUM can be used to effectively determine how a website performs or pinpoint certain issues quickly. However, the data may also be used to help create new and adjust existing web-based marketing campaigns. In keeping with the simplicity of Monitis, getting the data from RUM is easy—website administrators insert a Javascript tracking code into the pages that they want to track.

RUM provides visibility into visitor’s interaction on certain websites, including the following data points:

·       Unique page views

·       Precise load times (specific to browser/platform/geography)

·       User browser preferences

·       User platform selection

·       User geographical location

With the help of RUM, system administrators can easily determine whether users are accessing different pages on their websites quickly and without errors. This enables system administrators to identify and troubleshoot performance problems, and it provides valuable cues for running better marketing campaigns. RUM collects the critical data and presents it in clear, precise and meaningful ways, which users can adapt to their specific needs.

The internet has revolutionized the way individuals collect the specific bits of information they want at any given time – and monitoring should support the very same purpose”, said Mikayel Vardanyan, General Manager at Monitis. “The measurement of a website only makes sense if the site can be modified based on a user’s experience, which can vary according to settings, device or region. As a website administrator or marketing executive, you want these pieces of information to take all these differences into account and adjust accordingly. Monitis RUM makes that possible.”


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  1. Such a tool will be of great for SEO specialists or marketers who need to know what exactly visitors do on the website. What about other monitoring options like checking the speed of the site, site uptime and downtime, DNS, SSl etc? I am working with the software Anturis now and if i decide to try a new tool i would like to have not only new features, but the reliable old ones.

    • Actually Monitis provides a pretty large range of monitoring options including uptime monitoring, load testing, and even more with a nice pricing system