Slidecast: Fortissimo Foundation – A Clustered, Pervasive, Global Direct-remote I/O Access System

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In this video, Emilio Billi from A3Cube describes the new Fortissimo Foundation software platform.

Fortissimo Foundation is a clustered, pervasive, global direct-remote I/O access system that linearly scales I/O bandwidth, memory, Flash and hard disk storage capacity and server performance to provide an “in-memory” scale-out solution that intelligently aggregates all resources of a data center cluster into a massive global name space, bridging all remote compute and storage resources to look and act as if they were local. By providing a complete set of hardware and software building blocks through Fortissimo, A3Cube enables organizations to broadly deploy the power of high-end HPC clusters using low-cost, commodity servers and storage and without the high complexity, cost and fundamental limitations of traditional scale out systems.”

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