Hazelcast Unleashes JCache Implementation at JavaOne Conference

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HazelcastLogoOn the opening day of JavaOne and Oracle Open World, Hazelcast, a leading open source InMemory Data Grid provider is announcing the release of Hazelcast 3.3.1 JCache, the JCache compatible version of Hazelcast. By using JCache, developers will be able to deploy extremely high performance and scalable java applications.

Hazelcast and JCache

Hazelcast is now drop-in “pin compatible” with both Oracle Coherence, the leading InMemory Data Grid and Ehcache, the leading Java Cache written by Hazelcast CEO Greg Luck.

  • JCache is the Java standard for InMemory Computing
  • Hazelcast 3.3.1 passes all 463 JSR 107 TCK Tests
  • Hazelcast joins Oracle Coherence and Ehcache as the only JCache implementations to date
  • Hazelcast CEO Greg Luck wrote Ehcache
  • Hazelcast CEO Greg Luck is coauthor of the JCache specification alongside Brian Oliver, Architect of Oracle Coherence

InMemory Computing used to be the realm of HPC Supercomputing gurus.” said Greg Luck, CEO of Hazelcast, CoAuthor of JCache spec and creator of Ehcache. “With JCache, it is now standardized and ready for mainstream adoption.”

Benefits of JCache

JCache will confer the following benefits:

  • Accelerate adoption of InMemory Computing
  • Reduce vendor lock-in of proprietary InMemory Data Grid solutions
  • Increase use of caching by Java developers
  • Increase the available talent pool for implementers
  • Eliminate the need for proprietary cache abstraction layers


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