Optimizing Life Sciences – Deploying IBM Platform Computing

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In your world – numbers and data can save lives. Minutes and seconds absolutely matter. Whether engaged in genome sequencing, drug design, product analysis or risk management, life sciences research teams need high-performance technical environments with the ability to process massive amounts of data and support increasingly sophisticated simulations and analyses. Organizations helping to find causes and cures for diseases need speed, agility and control across the clinical development lifecycle to increase productivity, foster innovation and compete more effectively.

high performance infrastructureLife sciences organizations face huge pipeline and productivity challenges, shifting regulatory burdens and timeline erosion from discovery to approval. Pressures to “do more with less” drive requirements for greater infrastructure capacity, utilization and performance. By implementing an infrastructure that enables efficient sharing of in-demand compute resources, organizations can work more collaboratively, improve IT utilization and shorten time-to-market for new products. Unfortunately, most companies have limited IT resources to devote to creating and administering such an infrastructure. As a result, they require a heterogeneous infrastructure solution that is fast, affordable and easy to use.

 In this whitepaper from IBM – you’ll learn how to:

  • Optimize resource utilization and reduce costs
  • Increase throughput for faster time-to-results
  • Improve productivity and clinical development efficiency
  • Transform siloed environments into shared IT environment
  • Enable more sophisticated simulations and analyses

Here’s the important part to understand – As data volumes grow and scientific advances require more compute power, life sciences organizations of all sizes need more powerful, lower-cost solutions to meet demand. IBM enables companies to accelerate time-to-value with intuitive and powerful IBM Application Ready Solutions designed for faster deployment and optimized for industry-specific workloads.

Computing software, and a range of high-performance systems including IBM Power Systems™, IBM Flex System™, IBM System x servers or IBM Intelligent Cluster, an integrated, optimized high-performance system pre-integrated with system components of your choice and a single point of contact. IBM Application Ready Solutions for Life Sciences include:

  • IBM Application Ready Solution for Accelrys
  • IBM Application Ready Solution for CLC bio
  • IBM Application Ready Solution for Gaussian
  • IBM Application Ready Solutions for InfoSphere BigInsights
  • IBM Application Ready Solutions for mpiBLAST

Learn how with a complete, integrated IBM Application Ready Solution, organizations benefit from ease of procurement, deployment, use and support. Because the platform is optimized for industry-specific workloads, life sciences companies can achieve fast time-to-results at low total cost of ownership (TCO). The scalability of the platform also makes it easy to adapt as a company grows. Download this whitepaper today.



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