Solutionary Leverages Big Data Analytics to Speed Real-Time Threat Detection

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solutionary-logoSolutionary, an NTT Group security company (NYSE: NTT) and the next-generation managed security services provider (MSSP), has announced that its Security Engineering Research Team (SERT) is combining its deep security expertise with big data analytics to expand global correlation, providing customers with a greater view of attack indicators and a true understanding of attackers’ goals and techniques. By leveraging MapR Distribution for Apache™ Hadoop®, the company is able to quickly vet structured and unstructured data in real-time, including security logs, alerts and detailed user activity with the patented, cloud-based ActiveGuard® Security and Compliance Platform. This approach significantly increases the amount of contextual data that is processed, providing customers with more comprehensive, real-time threat intelligence. Solutionary customers can speed remediation time while significantly reducing business risk, improving security operations and minimizing negative impact and cost.

Traditional security tools weren’t designed to handle the massive amounts of data that today’s enterprises generate. With bad actors increasing the sophistication of their attacks, enterprises are having a difficult time pinpointing the threats and vulnerabilities that pose the largest risk,” said Don Gray, chief security strategist at Solutionary. “Because Solutionary has positioned the big data storage in front of our analytics processing, we are able to take advantage of big data analytics in real-time time and accelerated investigation of threats and across clients in addition to benefiting from the usual big data use-case of providing archiving and post-processing batch analysis. Big data analytics is a transformative technology not only in the business landscape but also in security, enabling both broader and more granular real-time and predictive threat detection.”

The ActiveGuard platform provides real-time analytics of client traffic, particularly massive volumes of security log data and detailed user activity. With the speed and sophistication of today’s attacks, and the growing volume of data produced in enterprise environments, Solutionary has  further enhanced its  high-performance, scalable infrastructure to more quickly protect and defend against advanced, organized, and state-sponsored adversaries in real-time. MapR gives Solutionary a scalable, flexible Apache Hadoop solution that smoothly distributes and enables use of structured and unstructured data from tens of thousands of sources and can run queries in as little as a couple of seconds on a massively parallel infrastructure.

With ActiveGuard, organizations can respond more rapidly to threats that pose the biggest risk, accelerate remediation, quickly rebuild compromised endpoints and minimize the cost associated with repairing IT systems affected by attacks.

Not using big data analytics in today’s enterprise environment is like a lumberyard asking a customer to pick out the good 2x4s by showing the customer one 2X4 at a time, rather than giving the customer a pile of 2x4s from which to choose. The pile makes it easy to pick out the exceptional boards. Big data allows us to have an enormous pile of logs and alerts and pick out the exceptional ones very quickly and accurately,” added Gray.

Big data analytics allow Solutionary to quickly identify global, cross-client patterns, thus keeping the company at the forefront of security with comprehensive and real-time threat intelligence that helps organizations respond more quickly to threats and vulnerabilities. By analyzing enterprise security activity, such as patterns of behavior, anomalous activities and attack indicators, ActiveGuard enriches data and correlates it across global threats and trends to provide clients with context and actionable alerts. ActiveGuard is able to take feeds from virtually any device capable of producing a log file including, network devices, security appliances, hosts, endpoints, applications and databases. Big data analytics enables Solutionary to classify and grade information in the context of users, IT assets and threats. An added benefit is that customers can leverage the analysis to improve IT troubleshooting and, thus, also improve performance and reliability.


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