MongoDB Lowers Operational Effort of Popular Database by 95 Percent

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mongodb_logoMongoDB today announced the general availability of major enhancements to MongoDB Management Service (MMS), its popular cloud service for managing the world’s fastest growing database ecosystem. MMS dramatically simplifies operations for MongoDB deployments of any size, reducing operational overhead by 95 percent for many operations.

MMS completely changes the way people run MongoDB,” said Eliot Horowitz, Co-founder and CTO of MongoDB Inc. “MMS makes it simple – most operations have been reduced to just a few clicks. MMS also makes operations reliable – everything we know about running MongoDB is built into MMS – upgrades, scaling, rebalancing, and other critical operations are performed with no downtime to your app. And we’ve packaged MMS as a service with an elastic pricing model, so it works the way most people want to do business today.”

MMS is the easiest way to run MongoDB. Key benefits include:

  • Deployment. MMS provisions any MongoDB topology, at scale, with the click of a button. Users can be sure their MongoDB deployments are performed fast and reliably, with minimal effort by their operations teams.
  • Advanced AWS Integration. If you’re on Amazon AWS, MMS can provision and optimize your instances for MongoDB automatically.
  • Upgrades. MMS manages upgrades and downgrades of deployments in minutes, with no downtime. Users stay on top of the latest releases of MongoDB without impacting their business.
  • Scale Out. Add capacity, without taking your application offline. Users can rapidly scale their deployments when they encounter explosive growth.
  • Infrastructure Agnostic. Works with any internet-connected infrastructure: public cloud, private cloud, even laptops. Using MMS users can easily control all their deployments through a single interface, no matter where they run.
  • Continuous Backups. MMS backs up your deployments continuously, with no impact to the overhead of your deployment. Your backups are generally only seconds behind the production database.
  • Point-in-time Recovery. Users can restore their deployments to any point in time.
  • Performance Alerts. Users can be notified on custom alerts for over 100 system metrics, via email, SMS, PagerDuty, HipChat, and others.

The cost of managing traditional databases is high. Mistakes made during routine maintenance are responsible for 80 percent of application downtime,” said Dev Ittycheria, President and CEO of MongoDB Inc. “With MMS we have reimagined the management of the database. Today MongoDB is downloaded over 10,000 times a day, and MMS lets users spend their resources building their apps instead of worrying about their ops.”


MMS is free for the first 8 servers, then $50/server per month. Optional backup storage is priced at $2.50/GB per month, based on the size of the data. Billing is available via credit card or invoice.


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