The Analytics Frontier of the Hadoop Eco-System

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In this video from the ISC Big Data’14 Conference, Ted Willke from Intel presents: The Analytics Frontier of the Hadoop Eco-System.

The Hadoop MapReduce framework grew out of an effort to make it easy to express and parallelize simple computations that were routinely performed at Google. It wasn’t long before libraries, like Apache Mahout, were developed to enable matrix factorization, clustering, regression, and other more complex analyses on Hadoop. Now, many of these libraries and their workloads are migrating to Apache Spark because it supports a wider class of applications than MapReduce and is more appropriate for iterative algorithms, interactive processing, and streaming applications. What’s next beyond Spark? Where is big data analytics processing headed? How will data scientists program these systems? In this talk, we will explore the current analytics frontier, the popular debates, and discuss some potentially clever additions. We will also share the emergent data science applications and collaborative university research that inform our thinking.”

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