Revolution Analytics Introduces Revolution R Open and Revolution R Plus

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RevolutionRevolution Analytics, the only commercial provider of open source R software, today announced two new offerings that support the open source R community and elevate R’s capabilities to enterprise-level performance. Revolution R Open is a free, open source R distribution that enhances R performance, makes it easier to share R scripts and improves collaboration on R-based advanced analytics applications. Revolution R Plus is the only subscription-based technical support service for open source R, and also offers open source assurance indemnification for subscribers.

R is among an elite group of the fastest-growing languages today, based on our rankings,” said Donnie Berkholz, senior analyst at RedMonk. “This new support and assurance offering for open source R from Revolution Analytics puts them in a strong position to address key enterprise requirements for adopting data-science initiatives, both in research and production.”

Revolution R Open: Enterprise-Ready Open Source R
Revolution R Open is a new, enhanced distribution of open source R from Revolution Analytics. It is ideal for data scientists and statisticians to explore and understand data, create unique data visualizations, solve statistical problems, apply machine learning techniques and develop data science applications. Revolution R Open is built with the Intel Math Kernel Library, which increases performance of R scripts by 5-20x, without the need to modify any code.

Revolution R Open includes the Reproducible R Toolkit (RRT), making it easy to write reliable R scripts and to share those scripts so that the results can be reproduced across an enterprise or among a team of data scientists, every single time. With this capability, R is more comfortably used in finance and other businesses with compliance issues that need to be audit-ready.

Revolution R Open is available now for download from Revolution Analytics’ new Managed R Archive Network (MRAN).

As the R language is used for more mission-critical production applications, performance and reliability become paramount considerations,” said David Smith, chief community officer and head of the new open source solutions group at Revolution Analytics. “Revolution R Open speeds up R code and provides a framework to ensure the calculations are reliable, repeatable and traceable to the source.”

Technical Support and Assurance with Revolution R Plus

In addition to Revolution R Open, Revolution Analytics is now offering technical support and open source assurance for an annual subscription fee with Revolution R Plus. This new support offering mitigates the risk of using open source software in enterprise deployments and supports R users at any stage, who use data science to drive business decisions.

Revolution R Plus technical support covers Revolution R Open and three additional open source components:

  • ParallelR, a toolkit for writing parallel and distributed algorithms in the R language;
  • RHadoop, a framework for writing MapReduce algorithms in R for computation in a Hadoop cluster; and
  • DeployR Open, a Web service for R that provides for secure integration of real-time R calculations into third-party applications.

For these covered open source software components, Revolution R Plus also offers open source assurance, which indemnifies subscribers from copyright, trademark, patent or trade secret claims from third parties.

Revolution R Plus is available as an annual subscription starting at $1,800 per year for workstations. Subscriptions for servers, grids and Hadoop clusters are also available. Revolution R Plus is available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux-based platforms.


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