Hortonworks Data Platform 2.2 Delivers More Enterprise-Ready Hadoop

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hortonworksStrata + Hadoop Conference NYC 2014 Coverage

Hortonworks®, a leading contributor to and provider of enterprise Apache™ Hadoop®, has announced the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) version 2.2, an enterprise-ready data platform that enables organizations to adopt a modern data architecture with Hadoop YARN as the architectural center, supported by key capabilities required of an enterprise data platform – spanning governance, security and operations.

In line with the Hortonworks approach of delivering a completely open source data platform with no proprietary extensions, HDP 2.2 includes the most recent innovations that have been developed within Hadoop and its related ecosystem of projects. In all, HDP 2.2 comprises more than 100 new and advanced features that integrate with YARN and allow organizations to simultaneously utilize batch, interactive and real-time methods to interact with a single set of data stored within Hadoop.

HDP 2.2 reflects the incredible amount of innovation that has occurred within the Apache Hadoop community in the past six months,” said Tim Hall, vice president of product management, Hortonworks. “We listened to our customers, worked tirelessly within the various Apache projects to develop hundreds of new features and remained consistent in delivering all of our technology and product innovations back to the community. As a result, HDP 2.2 brings a tremendous amount of enterprise-ready features to the platform while adhering to enterprise requirements.”

The core new functionalities of HDP 2.2 include:

New and Improved YARN-Ready Engines

  • Enterprise-Ready Spark on YARN for data science
  • Apache Kafka for processing data from the “Internet of Things”

Enterprise SQL at Hadoop scale with Stinger.next

  • Updated SQL semantics for ACID transactions in Apache Hive
  • Improved SQL query performance with cost based optimizer
  • ORC file compression presents storage efficiencies

Apache Argus for centralized security administration and policy enforcement

  • Integration with Storm and Knox
  • Ability to enforce policy with Hive and HBase

Extensive management and monitoring improvements

  • 100% uptime target with cluster rolling upgrades
  • Ambari Views for custom visualization
  • Ambari Blueprints to deliver template cluster deployment

Improvements for business continuity

  • Automated cluster backup to the cloud for Microsoft® Azure™ and Amazon S3™
  • Ensure cluster uptime with rolling upgrades

An HDP 2.2 preview is available today for download at Hortonworks.com/hdp and general availability to customers will be in November 2014. A complete list of HDP features and enhancements can be found at: http://hortonworks.com/products/hdp/


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