The Game’s Afoot! DataRPM Automates Big Data with Smart Machine Analytics

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datarpm_logoStrata + Hadoop Conference NYC 2014 Coverage

With booth personnel at the Strata + Hadoop World Conference clad in Sherlock Holmes costumes, DataRPM this week announced the latest product release of its award-winning smart machine analytics for big data. Leveraging the power of cognitive computing, DataRPM delivers the unprecedented ability for business people to talk – literally – to their data in plain English and be immediately delivered answers in visually intuitive ways. The firm’s Smart Machine Analytics solution uses this same advanced computational approach to automatically model multiple disparate data sources, delivering huge reductions in labor and cost associated with IT support of Big Data initiatives.

Sherlock Holmes was not only the world’s greatest detective, he was arguably the world’s greatest data analyst – a master at turning raw data into valuable insights,” said Sundeep Sanghavi, CEO and Co-founder of DataRPM. “By fully automating the process and providing a simple, Google-like user interface with DataRPM’s smart machine analytics for big data, ANYONE in an enterprise can be Sherlock Holmes and draw meaningful conclusions from their data quickly, without writing queries or understanding programming languages. It’s elementary.”

Big Data Discovery and BI companies traditionally provide tools for humans to manually analyze data; with this manual approach, though, data modeling and integration typically consume over 50-80% of the time and effort required in big data or analytics projects. DataRPM solves this problem by enabling Automatic Data Modeling from disparate data sources using cognitive algorithms, eliminating the need for humans to manually build complex data warehouses and freeing them for more productive analysis and insights discovery.

The data is modeled into a Computational Search Graph stored in a smart storage system that empowers business users to do ad-hoc, cross-source data analysis in real-time. Finally, its Natural Language Question Answering interface provides an easy, Google-esque user experience, enabling anyone in the enterprise to talk directly to their data in a human-friendly, natural language and instantly receive automatically visualized answers.

Already boasting unique smart machine analytics for big data that delivers speed and performance at scale on commodity hardware both on-premises and Cloud IAAS platforms, DataRPM’s new product release offers a suite of additional modules and features, including:

  • Smart Prediction, which enables anyone to leverage the power of predictive analytics without requiring knowledge of data science or coding expertise.
  • Smart Insight, which helps decision-makers to derive key business insights from report visualizations
  • Smart Visualization, which combines the power of natural language question answering with context aware display intelligence to show highly effective visualization along with the power of highly interactive single-page integrated analysis, and Calculated Attributes, which allows users to define complex formulas and rules to create dynamic attributes for much more powerful analysis
  • New Connectors# including SAP HANA and Google Spreadsheets
  • Hadoop Externalization, which enables big data platforms to be used as the data platform for DataRPM

Be sure to stop by the company’s booth P22 and take a tour of this Award Winning Smart Machine Analytics solution and get a chance to win a trip to London with a private tour to the Sherlock Holmes Museum.


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