SGI UV for SAP HANA Enables Real-time Big Data

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sgi_logoToday SGI introduced the SGI UV for SAP HANA, a purpose-built, in-memory computing appliance for growing environments running the SAP HANA platform. SAP-certified and available today as a 4- or 8-socket single-node system with up to 6 terabytes (TB) of in-memory computing, SGI’s new appliance is designed to enable the largest enterprises to achieve real-time operations and business breakthroughs with SAP HANA at extreme scale, helping to lower cost of ownership, while providing business continuity.

SGI UV for SAP HANA utilizes a unique scale-up, single-node architecture designed to deliver performance at unprecedented platform capacities. The simplicity of a single-node will allow enterprises to run applications free from the overhead of clustered appliances and reduce installation time—there are no cluster nodes, cluster network, or SAN to configure and administer. And there will not be a need for database partitioning or re-balancing I/O when increasing the size of the SGI appliance. Operational costs are reduced, high availability is streamlined, and capacity can be increased seamlessly with near-linear performance.

Large enterprises demand performance, simplicity and reduced total cost of ownership to achieve business transformation with the SAP HANA platform,” said Jorge Titinger, president and CEO, SGI. “We are proud to bring our UV technology and in-memory computing expertise to enterprise environments providing an appliance designed to run simple and deliver the power of SAP HANA at extreme capacity. This certification marks SGI’s commitment to deliver the operational simplicity of single-node architectures for greater scale to enable the competitive advantage that SAP HANA provides enterprise customers.”

uv20SGI UV for SAP HANA features the SGI UV 300H, a new offering in the SGI UV server line built for SAP HANA that couples seventh generation SGI technology and over 100 patents for in-memory computing with Intel Xeon E7 8890 v2 15-core processors. The appliance is certified by SAP at 4- or 8- sockets with up to 6TB of shared memory using 32GB DIMMS (capacity doubles using 64GB DIMMS) using ultrafast SGI NUMAlink 7 interconnects. SGI UV 300H architecture is designed to scale to 32 sockets and 24TB of shared memory as a single-node system. NetApp® E2700 RAID arrays provide backup of data and log files in the event of power loss. The appliance arrives pre-configured with SAP HANA running on SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server. It is deployed by SGI professional services and SAP offers licensing for SAP HANA and first-line support for the solution.

Sigma-Aldrich Chooses SGI UV for SAP HANA
Life science and technology company Sigma-Aldrich Corporation selected SGI UV for SAP HANA to power its SAP HANA-based environment, enabling employees to better perform real-time analysis and proactively manage its 270,000 chemicals, biochemicals and other essential products for over 1.4 million scientists and technologists. Sigma-Aldrich will deploy 24 appliances of SGI UV for SAP HANA to support high availability and disaster recovery configurations spanning multiple data centers. In total, these solutions deliver 50-plus TB of in-memory compute power to run all SAP HANA-based enterprise applications. Seamless high availability and disaster recovery capabilities will help provide mission-critical data and workloads with an additional appliance.

With operations in 37 countries and one of the leading life science e-commerce platforms in the industry, Sigma-Aldrich supports millions of researchers around the world in its quest to enhance the quality of life,” said Silji Abraham, vice president and chief information officer at Sigma-Aldrich. “Our goal is simply to transform into a true, real-time enterprise by leveraging the immense computing power of SAP HANA for all transaction and analytic systems. At the heart of this transformation is the desire to provide best-in-class products and solutions to our customers around the world to help them accelerate their research and find solutions.”

SGI Joins SAP Co-Innovation Lab

SGI also announced it has become a member of the SAP Co-Innovation Lab, part of SAP’s global network of labs. As a member of the lab, SGI will collaborate with SAP to develop and test innovative, new big data technologies and solutions with its 16-socket SGI UV. SGI and SAP, together with other partners such as SAP National Security Services (SAP NS2TM) and Intel, will be working to explore a number of relevant topics such as advanced analytics, including genome analysis and others.

Availability and Support
SGI UV for SAP HANA with 4- or 8- sockets is now available for purchase from SGI and is ready for shipment.

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