Predixion Insight 4.0 Released

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Predixion Software, a developer of cloud-based predictive analytics software, this week released Predixion Insight 4.0, the latest version of its powerful predictive analytics platform. The new release expedites the deployment of predictive analytics directly to the point of front-line decisions, and expands predictive capabilities across a wider variety of production environments, such as applications, databases, data stores, real-time engines, devices and machines. By removing barriers to deploying predictive analytics, Predixion Insight 4.0 enables companies to achieve the full potential of their data investments.

Many organizations have made large investments in big data infrastructure in order to gain insights,” said Simon Arkell, CEO, Predixion Software. “But they soon find the ability to transform big data into smart decisions at the point of impact difficult and time-consuming. Predixion Insight 4.0 changes that paradigm. It speeds and simplifies the deployment of predictive analytics, and embeds them directly into the workflows and endpoints where it will generate the most value.”

According to Gartner, Inc., organizations using predictive business performance metrics will increase their profitability 20 Percent by 2017. However, realizing that payoff remains elusive for most organizations.

Despite the buzz, the percentage of organizations that have implemented predictive analytics has remained surprisingly flat,” said Wayne Eckerson, Principal Consultant of the Eckerson Group. “The market stands to benefit from a solution that simplifies the deployment of predictive analytics.”

Predixion can help companies realize the payoff by placing predictive analytics at the point of action where business decisions, operational processes and customer interactions take place in real time. For instance, hospital nurses can identify patients who are at risk of a readmission, airline technicians can be alerted to which jet engines are at risk of failure, and government administrators can investigate populations that might have higher rates of fraudulent activity.

Carolinas HealthCare System has made substantial investments to enhance our capabilities in predictive analytics. We have partnered with Predixion to accelerate development and facilitate the use of predictive analytics at the point of care,” said Carol Lovin, Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer at Carolinas Healthcare System. “By putting the power of predictive analytics directly into the hands of our care managers, we are able to proactively identify high risk patients and then provide personalized interventions before they leave the hospital.”

Predixion Insight 4.0 can also help data scientists increase their productivity and meet the demands of their organization by allowing them to work with the specific tools and technologies they are most comfortable using. Predixion Insight 4.0 supports a variety of machine learning libraries, algorithms, packages and scripts, so organizations can create and deploy predictive models that generate real-time decisions when and where they are needed most.

Predixion 4.0 enables and expedites deployment by:

  • Leveraging existing predictive assets, such as various Machine Learning libraries and statistical programming languages (e.g., R, Microsoft and Mahout) as well as supporting PMML integration to enable deployment of scripts and packages created in other predictive modeling tools.
  • Combining structured and unstructured data from multiple sources for data shaping, transformations and exploration.
  • Providing visualizations and summaries with immediate feedback while shaping data to expedite the data preparation process.
  • Providing a platform for analysts and data scientists to collaborate and iterate on results.
  • Encapsulating all transformations and analytics into a single portable object — called an MLSM (Machine Language Semantic Model) package — that provides “deploy anywhere” flexibility (deploy anywhere examples include applications, databases, data stores, real-time engines, devices and machines). This patent-pending MLSM technology makes Predixion the most flexible predictive analytics tool for deploying into a wide variety of real-time production environments.
  • Offering our Solution Accelerator, a framework for rapid creation of custom web-based applications that enables deployment of predictively-enabled applications in days rather than weeks or months.

Predixion Insight 4.0 is available immediately.


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