Looker Partners with Teradata to Provide Data Exploration, Analysis and Discovery

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Looker-logo Looker, an innovative software company with a unique approach to business analytics, today announced a partnership with Teradata Corp. (NYSE: TDC), the big data analytics and marketing applications company. The combined technology integration leverages the powerful analytic capabilities of the Teradata Aster Discovery platform and Looker’s business intelligence platform to analyze Big Data for a modern business.

With an integrated Looker and Teradata Aster environment, user organizations will be able to eliminate much of the complexity associated with getting value from raw, fragmented data. The Teradata Aster Discovery Platform can not only store large sets of diverse data, it can generate insights on that data via powerful discovery analytics and computational capability. Through the integrated solution, users can combine that analytical workload power with Looker’s semantic data modeling layer, LookML, to quickly and effectively transform data at query time, avoiding the delays and additional work cycles associated with re-architecting the data for analytics ahead of time.

Only Teradata has integrated SQL, MapReduce, text analytics, statistical analytics, predictive modeling and graph analytics in a single, integrated discovery platform,” said Manan Goel, senior director of product marketing, Teradata. “As an integration partner, Looker will extend the reach of that combined power more broadly across organizations to put analytics and data discovery capabilities into the hands of a new class of business users.”

Users of both Looker and the Teradata Aster Discovery Platform have become increasingly aware of the synergy between the two solutions, and eagerly anticipate the new capabilities that an integrated solution will represent. Gilt Groupe, an adopter of both technologies, uses the Teradata Aster Discovery Platform to bring together clickstream data, email logs, Twitter feeds, as well as operational data to improve customer engagement and to streamline supply chain.

To date, Teradata Aster has really been a platform that enables us to do more with information in a sustainable, scalable way,” says Geoff Guerdat, Gilt Groupe’s director of data engineering. “With Looker, the people in my organization can explore the data we need more quickly and efficiently than ever before. It’s become an essential piece of our data architecture.”

Providing both a powerful discovery platform and a robust set of advanced analytics functions on the largest data sets, Teradata Aster supports an ideal environment for data scientists. Through the integrated Looker solution, data scientists can build the Teradata Aster Discovery Platform advanced analytics functions directly into the LookML model, where they are then available for anyone to consume. They can also create real-time integrations with other advanced analytics packages such as R.

Looker is specifically designed to interact with a new generation of analytic platforms such as Teradata Aster,” added Lloyd Tabb, founder and CTO of Looker. “Being SQL-based, Looker can leverage the full power of Teradata Aster. Users of the integrated solution will be able to uncover deeper insights from their data, more easily, than ever before.”


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