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versium-logoVersium, a data technology company and leading provider of predictive analytics solutions announces the launch of Datafinder (, the company’s self-serve website which provides data and data technology tools to businesses of all sizes. Datafinder’s predictive marketing scores are built from Versium’s LifeData® predictive analytics engine. These scores help businesses understand specific consumer behavior characteristics that improve marketing efficiencies. Datafinder’s LifeData® append and data validation services help businesses ensure correct contact information, enhance communication channels and improve the quality of their CRM systems.

LifeData® – deep, accurate, unique data

Versium’s LifeData® platform, the engine behind Datafinder, contains over 800 billion unique LifeData® behavioral attributes which include contact, demographic, financial, lifestyle, purchase interests, social data and more. By appending LifeData® to a consumer database, marketers receive deep insights about their customers. These insights enable marketers to communicate better with their customers and prospects. This allows marketers to determine the best marketing content and create custom offers that target messages to specific audiences. Versium’s proprietary matching technology enables LifeData® attributes to be added to customer lists, at rates as high as 80%, producing highly accurate and actionable consumer insights.

Predictive Scores

Versium’s ground breaking predictive scores utilize machine learning, complex algorithms and LifeData® to produce predictive models that score likelihood to take a specific action. Predictive Scores available on Datafinder include:

  • Green Score – predicts environmentally consciousness, and likelihood to purchase green products or services
  • Giving Score – predicts likelihood to donate to a cause – charitable or political
  • Wealth Score – predicts discretionary buying power
  • Auto Buyer Lead Score – predicts and ranks the value of auto buyer prospects

Predictive scores can be appended to customer lists, prospect lists or existing enterprise applications via APIs so that businesses can easily act on a single piece of information. New predictive scores will be added in the coming months.

Contact information at your fingertips

Datafinder’s self-serve tools allow businesses to easily append contact details such as emails, addresses or phone numbers. Datafinder verifies telephone numbers and the deliverability of email addresses, and when available, will append valid email addresses and working phone numbers. This allows marketers to connect with more customers or prospects and enables multi-channel marketing programs by allowing marketers to communicate with customers and prospects in more ways (email, phone and postal).

Our goal is to democratize data technology and predictive analytics so these valuable capabilities are available for all businesses. We built Datafinder to give small to medium-sized businesses access to data and data technology that were previously only available to large enterprises,” said Versium CEO Chris Matty. “Predictive scores with LifeData® allow businesses to gain the insightful value from predictive analytics without having to hire expensive data science resources or purchase expensive analytics platforms.”


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