Big Data – An Industry on the Move

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Datameer_logoA compelling new infographic was just completed with Datameer, an end-to-end big data analytics application for Hadoop. The graphic visualizes the rising prevalence of Big Data and the importance of industries leveraging it in order to have a competitive advantage. Here are a few key points highlighted in this visual:

  • The Global Hadoop Market is projected to be worth $50.2 billion by the year 2020, an exponential growth from the $1.5 billion it was worth in 2012.
  • North America is currently leading the charge in investing in Big Data at 37.8%, though Asia/Pacific plans to increase their investing by 106.6%, bringing them to a close second behind North America.
  • Financial Services is the industry taking advantage of Big Data’s offerings the most, though it is utilized across multiple industries and in companies around the world.

The graphic also breaks down the use cases of Big Data and shows how industries can grow their bottom line from incorporating the benefits of Big Data into their operations. Accessing Big Data will soon be essential for companies to thrive and succeed over their competition, and this visual helps bring that trend to life.

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