Cloudera Releases Impala 2.0: A Leading Open Source Analytic Database for Apache Hadoop

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Cloudera Logo April 2014 Cloudera, a leader in enterprise analytic data management powered by Apache Hadoop™, has unveiled Impala 2.0, the most advanced release of Impala since its initial launch in early 2013. As the leading open source analytic database for Hadoop, Impala 2.0 is a core component of Cloudera 5.2, and fully integrated into the enterprise data hub architecture. In its 2.0 release, Impala forges ahead as the only native open source analytic database for Hadoop – enabling highly interactive operational business intelligence and data discovery solutions for analysts and casual users alike with the fastest time to insight. As a key part of an enterprise data hub, Impala helps innovative organizations deliver pervasive analytics across any kind of data, for diverse users, and in new ways.

Over the past 18 months, Impala has seen rapid adoption among organizations of all sizes, including over one million open source downloads and hundreds of Cloudera customers.

We looked at four Hadoop big data platforms and only Cloudera had unique differentiators that made the decision easy for us – the Impala open source analytic database was one of them,” said Francois Nguyen, director of systems integration decisions and relationship marketing, SFR. “As one of the leading telecom providers in France, we generate a significant amount of data that we rely upon to ensure our competitive advantage. It is important for our enterprise data hub environment to be fully accessible and Impala has given us that access. Impala’s easy integration with a variety of BI tools helps accelerate adoption of the platform throughout our organization.”

Impala is considered by some to be the de facto open source standard for interactive business intelligence and data discovery on Hadoop: certified with the leading business intelligence and analytic application vendors, and supported broadly across the Hadoop ecosystem.

The speed in which someone can get answers from their data is critical to us,” said Dan Jewett, Vice President of Product Management at Tableau Software. “Tableau’s goal is to make the visual data analysis experience so rapid and seamless that people feel like they are in a real-time dialogue with their data. Our integration with Impala lets our customers have that experience even when working against unprecedented amounts of data in Hadoop.”

The Power of Impala: Performance, Usability, and Flexibility

Impala is the industry’s first open source, analytic database that runs natively in Apache Hadoop. In its second generation, Impala continues to deliver industry-leading performance for both single- and multi-user concurrent workloads, and enhanced compatibility with common SQL functionality, including:

  • Powerful standards-based analytics with SQL 2003 support
  • Role-based access controls in SQL with GRANT/REVOKE and Apache Sentry integration
  • Easy migration with legacy data types
  • Vendor-specific SQL extensions

Hadoop has opened amazing opportunities for customers to quickly explore and assess new types of data,” said Scott Van Valkenburgh, Senior Director, Global Alliances and Channels at SAS. “As the leading analytics provider for Hadoop, SAS sees Cloudera’s continued innovation of Impala as a way to empower users to drive richer analytics directly against their big data environments.”

With more than three years of extensive research and development around Impala, Cloudera continues to achieve unprecedented levels of innovation. Impala is a fully integrated, state-of-the-art analytic database architected specifically to leverage the flexibility and scalability strengths of Hadoop. By uniting the familiar SQL support and multi-user performance of a traditional analytic database with the rock-solid foundation of open source Apache Hadoop and the production-grade security and management extensions of Cloudera Enterprise, Impala is a new breed of analytic database — purpose-built for the world of big data exploration and operational analytics.

Impala 2.0, part of Cloudera Enterprise 5.2, shows what you can do when you build a state-of-the-art distributed database natively in the scale-out Hadoop framework,” said Mike Olson, chief strategy officer at Cloudera. “Impala is flat-out the fastest SQL engine in the ecosystem today, and version 2.0 extends the enterprise-grade capabilities required for mission-critical SQL big data applications. Our customers, our partners and even our competitors have embraced Impala, creating a standard across the industry. That’s because we recognize how critical open source is for the platform — it’s why we created Impala as open source, instead of choosing a proprietary alternative. I’m really pleased with the job that the Impala community has done, and I’m excited about what version 2 promises for the future.”

Product Availability

Cloudera Impala 2.0 is now available. Download it for free or try it with a free trial of Cloudera Enterprise at For more information on what else is included with 5.2, download the Release Notes.


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