BeyondCore V Delivers One-Click Smart Pattern Discovery in Minutes

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BeyondCored_logoBusiness analytics innovator BeyondCore has announced the production release of BeyondCore V, one-click business analytics software designed for business users, setting the new industry gold standard for automated business analytics.

Delivering on its promise to provide the most advanced Smart Pattern Discovery available with “your people, your data, in five minutes,” BeyondCore V automatically uncovers complex hidden patterns often missed by human analysts, allowing business users to identify critical trends and extract actionable insights from mountains of raw data in just minutes, without any statistical expertise.

A lot of companies claim to offer the power of analytics to business users. But, scratch beyond the surface and they either require a lot of time and effort from the business users, or are really consulting toolkits that require expertise to configure correctly,” said Arijit Sengupta, CEO of BeyondCore. “With BeyondCore V, we are challenging the industry to empower businesses to uncover real, actionable insights with their own business users, their unique data, in just five minutes. This simple test will clearly separate marketing spin from business reality.”

Newly added to the full-production launch of the software first announced in Beta at the Gartner Symposium in October, BeyondCore V now automatically looks for alternative “confounding” factors that could be causing the current pattern. This instant visualization of Smart Pattern Discovery reveals hidden factors that may explain visually misleading patterns, allowing users to comprehend, not just visualize, and meeting the fast-growing demand to give business users unprecedented access to sophisticated interactive analysis. “Gartner predicts that, by 2015, Smart Pattern Discovery will be the most in-demand business intelligence (BI) platform user experience paradigm, enabling mainstream business consumers to get insights from data.”1

Conventional analytics tools require expert analysts to spend days, weeks or months formulating hypotheses, asking the right questions of the data and hoping they get the answers they need to solve business challenges. This is extremely complex and time-consuming, often rending the results obsolete.

To solve that problem, BeyondCore automatically asks every question of the data, highlights key findings, recommends other analyses to consider, predicts outcomes of what-if scenarios and guides business users to take specific actions to solve problems and improve the bottom line—all in real-time, with just a single click. To make this powerful analytics capability user-friendly for business users, BeyondCore creates a vivid, animated story of what happened and why, explaining the results—and recommended actions—in plain English, instead of statistical jargon.

Because BeyondCore is so simple and user-friendly, business users and analysts can collaborate very early in the process to provide intelligent, guided insight that prevents analysts from going down the wrong path, wasting precious time and resources.

For example, at Intermountain Healthcare, clinicians and analysts worked together to understand initial results, provide immediate, specific feedback to refine the analysis and suggest new analyses worth pursuing. The team was able to make adjustments, close the loop and present updated results to clinicians, analyzing 700,000 records, 100 data attributes and 92,000 variable combinations in just minutes—saving months of work and preventing fundamental flaws in the analysis.

With no installation, customization, coding or modeling required, BeyondCore V can be up and running in the cloud or on-premises in just minutes, delivering near-instant, actionable results. Simply point BeyondCore to the data and watch as the results are presented via a clear, compelling narrative explanation.

BeyondCore V is available on a scalable, affordable subscription program with tiered pricing based on per-user, per-month and the maximum number of variables analyzed at a time. To get started with BeyondCore V, or learn more, visit

1Gartner Hype Cycle for Business Intelligence and Analytics, 2014, Alexander Linden, July 30, 2014.


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