OneFold BigData Warehouse Now in Public Beta

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OneFoldOneFold today announced the public beta of its platform BigData Warehouse for terabytes of semi-structured JSON and NoSQL data from mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) data sources. OneFold unifies this data into one, high performance, easy-to-query data warehouse in the cloud. BigData Warehouse leverages the massive infrastructure of Google Cloud, and specifically Google BigQuery, which is ideal for dealing with semi-structured big data streams versus Amazon Redshift which is optimized for dealing with simple data records.

OneFold is offering a free trial of its technology leveraging Google’s very inexpensive cloud computing pricing. Sign-ups are available for free at

Product managers with social networking, education, m-commerce, Internet of Things and mobile apps are screaming to bring together their disparate data into a single warehouse in the cloud,” said Uday Sandhar, Founder & CEO of OneFold. “With OneFold BigData Warehouse, product managers can query using SQL the most powerful query tool in the world.”

Using OneFold, mobile app & IoT companies can reduce or completely eliminate the engineering time needed for data munging and focus their precious resources on their core app development. This could save at least $100,000 per year for smaller companies and much more for larger ones.

Big data consists of semi-structured, complex data streams from mobile apps and the Internet of Things,” said Peter Relan, founder of the 9+ incubator program and ex-Oracle executive. “With OneFold BigData Warehouse, you get to use SQL for analytics and answers at a fraction of the time and cost — saving about $100,000 — that engineers would spend in coding. As mobile users and connected things generate more and more data, OneFold BigData Warehouse is focused on delivering the price, performance and scale needed to easily ask any question across all your disparate data sources.”

OneFold BigData Warehouse Product Features:

  •  Converts terabytes of JSON data in hours from MongoDB, Mixpanel or Flurry, MySQL (via JSON conversion), Parse, Stripe, Custom JSON file into columnar tables for high performance sub-minute SQL querying over billions of records.
  • Automatic detection of changes in the schema of data sources and auto update of the data warehouse schema.
  • Creates Table Views to easily combine frequently joined data sources and tables to simply queries and improve query performance. Users can choose to auto update Table View with each data load.
  • Pre-packaged template project/data source with sample SQL queries that can be customized to your own project/data sources.
  • Export to Excel for visualization.
  • Chartio integration for WYSIWYG querying and dashboard visualization.

Customer Benefits:

Mobile-only or mobile-first companies and IoT companies can now stop worrying about hiring difficult to find engineers and analysts and can ask any question across their disparate datasets at virtually unlimited scale and performance.

Before OneFold, doing the data munging was an enormous hassle,” said Jason Citron, Founder & CEO of Benchmark-backed Hammer & Chisel. “Now I easily unify all my JSON data into a single data warehouse in less than a day. OneFold gives me the power of SQL querying across my semi-structured data including joining the disparate data sources and I can generate new queries in minutes. The performance is awesome, OneFold returns queries in under 30 seconds.”


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