Syncfusion Leverages Hadooponomics and the Cloud for Scalable Big Data Solutions

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syncfusion_logo_squareBIG DATA USE CASE

Syncfusion, Inc., a developer solutions company, provides scalable big data solutions for customers Frotcom and Rudolph Technologies using Hadoop and cloud-based offerings.

Frotcom and Rudolph Technologies are two companies that generate vast amounts of valuable data for their customers. Frotcom, based in Portugal, provides an intelligent GPS vehicle tracking system for fleet management. Rudolph Technologies, Inc. manufactures equipment used in defect inspection, process control metrology, and data analysis systems. Both companies found it difficult to scale the data they were collecting. As their businesses expanded, so did the data.

Frotcom was experiencing a rate of growth that would require it to store several terabytes of data, and solutions were often prohibitively expensive. Rudolph Technologies was looking for a system that was cost effective, easy to scale, and responsive. Both companies needed the information they collect for their customers to be available in real-time.

Syncfusion worked with Rudolph Technologies and Frotcom to design end-to-end solutions with minimal risk, lower license costs, commercial support, and easy scaling. The foundation for these solutions is Hadoop-based data warehouses stored in the cloud for unlimited horizontal scalability. Data is analyzed in batch processes written in Java, C#, Python, or higher-level languages such as Hive and Pig. Real-time reporting requirements are met by replicating a data set in Cassandra.

Hadoop is predicted to play a critical role in the data economy in 2015. Syncfusion’s approach to big data solutions for Frotcom and Rudolph Technologies is powered by what Forrester Research calls “Hadooponomics”—Hadoop’s linear scalability for both data storage and data processing. Syncfusion launched the Syncfusion Big Data Platform for Windows developers, powered by Hadoop, in October of this year.

Syncfusion is committed to making big data solutions easily available to everyone. Over the next few months, building powerful, scalable big data solutions on the Windows platform should become no harder than storing and processing data in relational data stores,” said Daniel Jebaraj, Syncfusion’s vice president.  “The Syncfusion Big Data Platform will completely eliminate the need for expensive consulting solutions and the steep learning curve associated with big data solutions. Develop, deploy, and manage big data solutions with ease, without burning a hole in your budget.”

The Syncfusion Big Data Platform is completely free and available to everyone. Optional commercial support is also available from Syncfusion. More information on the Syncfusion Big Data Platform can be found at


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