FoundationDB Extends Performance & Scalability with Version 3.0

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foundationdbFoundationDB®, the company behind database software that combines scalability and consistency, has announced version 3.0 of its flagship product, the FoundationDB Key-Value Store. Version 3.0 offers enhanced performance and monitoring capabilities while maintaining transactional integrity, scalability and fault tolerance for operational workloads in the cloud or on premise.

With leading customers including Bede Gaming and, FoundationDB has grown as the de-facto choice for those seeking a scalable, ACID compliant transactional database. According to the 451 Research skills analysis, FoundationDB was one of the top two fastest growing databases in the last 12 months. 3.0 benefits all users by increasing performance and features across the board, while dramatically increasing scalability, making it applicable for even the the biggest, fastest database workloads.

It wasn’t too long ago that the Netflix engineering team made waves by showing Cassandra running over 1M random writes per second in the cloud,” said Dave Rosenthal, CEO FoundationDB. “We recently ran 11M random writes per second on a 32-machine cluster in EC2 using Key Value Store 3.0. When we started FoundationDB, many experts thought it was impossible to build a distributed database with ACID transactions, but after years of work we proved that it could be done. Next, they said that it couldn’t be done scalably. Today, Version 3.0 has eliminated single-machine bottlenecks and delivers a scalable, transactional database at industry-leading performance levels that the competition can’t even achieve without transactional guarantees. This unmatched combination of capabilities opens up vast new possibilities for companies dealing with massive OLTP workloads like we see in the IoT space.”

Key Features of Version 3.0:

  • Unparalleled performance – Version 3.0 of the Key Value Store sets a new bar in transactional workload performance. It is the fastest, most scalable, transactional database in the cloud with a 32-machine cluster running on Amazon EC2 sustaining more than 11,000,000 random writes per second.
  • All layers benefit – With FoundationDB’s “layered” architecture, the benefits of 3.0’s performance and scalability gains translate seamlessly to all layers. This means that SQL, Graph, and even customer’s custom layers all get faster, more scalable, and lower latency without any code changes.
  • Enhanced centralized monitoring – 3.0 introduces enhanced centralized database monitoring. These improved tools make it easy for operations teams to manage and run databases in the real world. Rather than just monitoring each machine in the cluster, FoundationDB is able to diagnose dozens of potential hardware bottlenecks centrally and easily integrate that high-level info with existing monitoring infrastructures.
  • IoT market expansion – 3.0 expands FoundationDB’s market opportunity to support a new realm of applications for the rising Internet of Things market. IoT applications are often write-intensive, gathering dozens or hundreds of data points per minute from millions of devices. Version 3.0 makes the power of a multi-model, ACID transactional database available to a set of new connected-device applications that are generating data at previously unheard of speed.

While ease of development and flexibility has driven NoSQL adoption to date, we expect the next phase will see executives looking for performance and scalability, as well as multi-model support,” said Matt Aslett, research director for data platforms and analytics at 451 Research. “Version 3.0 of FoundationDB’s key value store delivers some key features that make it better positioned for the next wave of NoSQL adoption and ‘The Internet of Things’ which will drive new levels of data ingestion and processing requirements. We anticipate that a new breed of databases will emerge to deal with the influx of data brought on by the growing number of connected devices.”

FoundationDB’s Key Value Store 3.0 is free to download today. Enterprise licensing and support start at $99 per process per month including premium support and the ability to run larger clusters. FoundationDB can be deployed on a single machine, on a cluster in a private datacenter, or in the cloud.

FoundationDB supports Linux®, Mac® OS X®, and Microsoft® Windows® and includes APIs for C, Python, Ruby, Node.js and Java®.


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