Aerospike Accelerates Innovation for Its NoSQL Database

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aerospike_logoAerospike Inc. is fueling innovation, making it possible for organizations to speed the development of a whole new category of real-time, data-driven applications and lucrative business models that were not previously possibly. Today, both startups and enterprises require revolutionary database technology that delivers unlimited scale at blazing speeds, and Aerospike is delivering on that demand with unrivaled price performance ratios that exceed other options.

Big data is big context, and organizations looking to harness the power of real-time context to personalize the user experience for millions of consumers across billions of devices have a small window of opportunity for success,” said Monica Pal, CMO, Aerospike. “Aerospike’s next-generation, NoSQL database is poised to lead the way as startups and enterprises alike choose its technology as the context store and system of engagement for consumer-facing applications. With Aerospike, companies can turn insights into action, reach consumers with the right message right now and scale with the best price to performance ratio, making it a no-brainer for today’s disruptors.”

Unmatched Price Performance Unleashes Next-Generation Business Models

Aerospike’s open-source, flash-optimized, in-memory NoSQL database is pushing the limits of hardware, giving developers the ability to build applications and businesses that were never before economically viable. In fact, 13 of the top 26 ad platforms rely on Aerospike to power simple scaling and real-time bidding. Additionally, web portals, e-commerce, retail and travel sites are selecting Aerospike as the engine of choice because of its proven performance and a variety of different 2014 benchmarks including:

These unprecedented price performance levels, combined with consistent low latency with no jitter for both read and write workloads, are fueling the next-generation of context-driven applications, serving customers wherever they are across the Internet.

Planning to Platform Scale Opens Up Unlimited Possibilities

Access to technology that scales from the start is crucial to unleashing innovation among today’s scale warriors. Building a business from the ground up that competes with established companies requires investing in the right enterprise-grade technology, and Aerospike’s startup special program announced in September 2014 is rapidly signing up new startups.

Aerospike customers have realized the power of Aerospike’s next-generation technology and gone from planning to platform scale in a matter of months. Applovin, a mobile marketing platform that allows brand advertisers to engage customers and attribute revenue for every dollar spent on its platform, grew its business by 20 times in the past year and today has scaled up to 15 billion ad requests per day. With Aeropsike’s flash-optimized technology, the company was able to efficiently scale its business, while at the same time reducing its server count.

As a quickly growing startup, most databases can’t achieve the scale that we demand, while still delivering superior speed and reliability,” said John Krystynak, co-founder and VP of engineering, Applovin. “Aerospike was able to exceed our needs and expectations by enabling us to scale up to handle a massive increase in load, without increasing hardware or people. The ability to scale simply and cost effectively opens up new opportunities for our technology.”

Aerospike’s proprietary flash optimization combined with its self-healing architecture and small cluster sizes simplifies scaling to a handful of servers rather than hundreds of servers. With recent enhancements to Aerospike Enterprise Edition and Aerospike Community Edition, developers will continue to benefit from easier development and faster scaling.

Industry Touts Aerospike as Industry Leader and Visionary

Aerospike has been named a leader and visionary in major industry reports where it was recognized for its high performance and ease of doing business. Most recently, Aerospike was named a visionary in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for the second year in a row and cited as leader in the The Forrester WaveTM: NoSQL Key-Value Databases, Q3 2014 report.


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