Fractal Analytics Acquires Mobius Innovations

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FractalAnalytics_logoFractal Analytics, a global provider of advanced analytics, has announced it has acquired Mobius Innovations, a mobile context awareness platform founded by Fractal’s co-founder Nirmal Palaparthi, to strengthen and deliver the company’s flagship Customer Genomics® personalized marketing solution.

Nirmal left Fractal in 2012 to set up Mobius Innovations in Singapore and build Contextudio, a context awareness platform that gathers information such as geolocation and open social media data and sentiments to strengthen customer intelligence. Contextudio also provides a mobile delivery application for iOS devices, enabling companies to personalize consumer offers in real-time.

As consumers, we now expect companies we do business with to understand us people, know our context and help us solve our problem by offering us relevant products or information in real time,” said Srikanth Velamakanni, Co-founder and CEO of Fractal Analytics. “Mobius acquisition will enable our clients to drive hyper-personalized customer conversations on mobile platforms through real time learning using customer context.”

Fractal’s Customer Genomics is the next generation customer intelligence solution that enables personalized and relevant customer interactions through deep learning. The solution delivers labels called ‘genome markers’ that reflect the what, how, why, when and where consumers are likely to make purchase decisions. These genome markers comprise the sophisticated predictive intelligence into consumer behaviors, attitudes and preferences by leveraging the online and offline customer interactions with offers, products, brands, service channels and social networks. Customer Genomics has enabled some of the Fortune 100 clients increase their redemption revenue by 230% and hit rate on leads by 15%.

As individuals, we live in a dynamic world where we are more than the sum of our stated preferences and transactions,” said Nirmal Palaparthi, CEO and founder of Mobius Innovations. “We developed Mobius to enhance consumer intelligence based on when and where they are in their lives and at a given moment. This integration will help Fractal further advance its innovative analytics platform to help serve the needs of clients around the globe.”

Late last year, Fractal Analytics announced its strategic long-term partnership with Aimia, a global leader in loyalty management. As part of the partnership, it will expand AIMIA’s analytics operations and joint development of intellectual proprietary solutions in the area of customer analytics. Additionally, Fractal received a $25 million investment from the private equity investment firm TA Associates in 2013.


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