Dr. Max Kuhn Interviewed at useR! Conference

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In the presentation below, data scientist, author (“Applied Predictive Modeling” with Kjell Johnson) and R caret package developer Max Kuhn sits down for an in-depth interview with Eduardo Arino de la Rubia sponsored by our friends over at DataScience.LA. They discuss the art and science of predictive modeling in the real world, the multifaceted and widely used R caret package, the pluses and perils of programming in R and much more. As a special bonus, Max also describes John Quinlan’s C5.0, an alternate “forest of decision trees” algorithm, the secrets of which were hidden behind commercial licensing for years – and which has recently been ported and made available to the R ecosystem. Max is the Director of Nonclinical Statistics at Pfizer

Whether you are a newbie to the field and just getting your feet wet with R and predictive modeling, or a seasoned data scientist, this interview has something for everyone. Enjoy!




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