Aviso Launches Data Science Solution for Sales Forecasting

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Aviso-LogoAviso has introduced Aviso Insights™, a data science solution for enterprises that arms sales teams with powerful predictive tools they need to meet and exceed quarterly targets with confidence. Using machine learning and portfolio management frameworks, Aviso Insights enables sales,finance and business leaders at any time to confidently answer the question: “How’s the quarter going?”

Sales forecasting is the most important process in the sales organization, but it has been supported by primitive tools, techniques and systems. Sales executives and finance teams continue to manage forecasts on a series of individual spreadsheets that are successive roll-ups of gut instincts, and biased by emotion. These forecasts occasionally end up being useful by luck rather than skill. Leading CRM tools have enhanced their reports and dashboards, but these “dumb apps” lack the analytical foundations to help sales organizations meet or exceed their goals.

For too long, sales leaders have been forced to commit to a number while lacking confidence in their sales forecast,” said Denis Pombriant of Beagle Research. “Aviso Insights gives sales managers powerful insights using modern data science to help their teams exceed quarterly targets.”

RingCentral, a leading provider of cloud business phone systems, has deployed Aviso Insights as explained in the following video:

Moving beyond ‘simple’ applications that collect, report, and visualize data, Aviso Insights automates the end-to-end sales forecasting process with a data science-enriched, easy to use cloud application. By taking the tedium, guesswork and emotion out of the process, Aviso Insights increases the reliability of quarterly forecasting and provides predictive insights across an organization’s global sales hierarchy, product lines, geographies, and more, for sales leaders to exceed quarterly targets in a five-step process:

●      Forecast: Compare and contrast data-driven forecasts with human judgment

●      Analyze: Identify gaps to targets early in the quarter to make appropriate course corrections

●      Prioritize: Utilize insights to allocate resources to key deals for the quarter

●      Collaborate: Share insights to drive alignment across teams

●      Measure: Use key performance metrics for cohort and trend analysis

Today’s sales teams have been mired in tedious processes and held back by dumb tools that do little to help them meet and exceed their targets,” said K. V. Rao, Co-Founder and CEO of Aviso. “With Aviso Insights, we’re providing proven data science in an easy to use solution that empowers sales leaders to drive consistent growth and own their quarter.”

Aviso Insights is built with the highest enterprise standards to ensure trust, data protection, and security, including accredited certification for SOC 2 security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy. All data is encrypted using SSL (HTTPS), and all ETL files are encrypted in thedatabase. Aviso also uses data isolation for each customer, ensuring no co-mingling of customer data. In addition, two-factor authentication and strong identity and access controls are in place as well as role-based access controls and permissions across individuals, teams, and the organization’s hierarchy. And Aviso Insights is designed to integrate seamlessly with leading CRM applications, including Salesforce.com, Oracle, SAP and Microsoft Dynamics.


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