Teradata Launches Next-Generation Big Data Apps

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teradata_logo_miTo enable organizations to transform business challenges into revenue opportunities, Teradata Corp. (NYSE: TDC), the big data analytics and marketing applications company, today launched big data apps powered by the Teradata Aster AppCenter™ (AppCenter).

Teradata developed this new solution because organizations continue to struggle to get business value from diverse, big data. The new business-focused big data apps from Teradata are designed to assist a wide range of business users tackle issues that are best solved with big data analytics, such as customer acquisition and retention, financial fraud, paths to purchase, and marketing optimization. The big data apps are focused in industries that include consumer finance, entertainment and gaming, healthcare, retail, and telecommunications. The big data apps use AppCenter, which provides a common framework to build, deploy, and consume interactive, web-based applications.

The big data apps and Teradata Aster AppCenter, offer open, unrestricted use of big data,” said Scott Gnau, president, Teradata Labs. “Despite technology and resource investments, the promise of big data remains elusive for many businesses. Teradata’s solution will simplify, accelerate and extend the use of big data analytics across the enterprise and generate unexpected business value.”

Designed to deliver faster time to value for users, the big data apps leverage prebuilt templates that include analytic logic, data schema, interactive visualization, and an easy-to-use interface for repeatable analytics. The big data apps incorporate best practices captured by Teradata Consulting Services from real-world deployments. Teradata Consulting services can configure the big data apps to meet specific customer requirements.

For example, the big data app for healthcare, Path to Surgery, identifies the common path and behavioral patterns that lead to major surgical procedures. To improve patient outcomes and lower costs, the Path to Surgery app allows the business analyst to predict the type of individual who may require a specific procedure, identify preventive measures to improve health and avoid surgery. For those patients requiring a procedure, the most successful pre-surgical steps are identified. The results of the analysis are displayed as an easy-to-use visualization, which is purpose-built to be highly interactive.

By equipping business users with the right self-service solution, big data analytics can help organizations create a richer model of their business, recognize events they might not have discovered otherwise, and uncover trends that can help them gain a competitive edge,” said Anthony Deighton, chief technology officer, Qlik. “Working with Teradata Aster AppCenter, Qlik Sense will enable anyone to participate in big data discovery by rapidly delivering big data insights through self-service visualizations.”

Data scientists struggle with deploying consumable analytics to users. The AppCenter makes apps available within a web-based portal for ease of use and access, runs the big data apps on the Teradata Aster Discovery Platform for big data scalability, and provides web services like authentication and authorization for secure deployment. The AppCenter’s web-based interface along with visualizations enables business users to interact with results and discover rich and powerful insights from devices, including tablets. AppCenter is designed for flexibility, allowing users to easily integrate third party and open source visualization libraries to display results. In addition, AppCenter provides multiple integration methods to link big data apps into popular business intelligence and visualization tools.

Self-service big data apps that are designed to answer specific business questions have the opportunity to support data-driven decision making and drive pervasive adoption of big data solutions across any organization,” said Dan Vesset, program vice president, big data and analytics research, IDC. “Teradata has taken a significant step forward by expanding its technology solutions to include applications that make the analytics accessible and consumable for the typical business user.”

Teradata Consulting Services plays an integral part in addressing specific customer requirements and accelerating implementation of the big data apps. Consulting Service teams provide a range of new big data app development and configuration services, in addition they offer mentoring, as requested by the customer.

AppCenter will be available by the end of the second quarter 2015 and be compatible with Teradata Aster Database 6.0 deployed on premises or in the cloud.


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