Netvibes Unveils Dashboard of Things: Welcome to Your Programmable Web

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netvibes-logoNetvibes, the Dashboard of Everything delivering brand and social media monitoring, data analytics and reporting, today announced the newest version of Netvibes, the Dashboard of Things (DoT).  With DoT, enterprises, agencies and consumers alike can take control of the programmable web, creating Potions to automate interactions between anything on their Netvibes dashboard, including apps, data and connected smart devices.

Gartner estimates that the Internet of Things (IoT) will comprise 4.9 billion connected objects in 2015 and grow to 25 billion things by 2020. As IoT grows, people are excited by the possibility of having control of everything at their fingertips. However, remote-controlling devices is just the beginning: the real magic lies in automated interactions between devices and events—a highly complex challenge, given the large scale of IoT and the wide variety of devices, applications and ecosystems available.

DoT brings Programming to everyone.

Netvibes DoT resolves this challenge by making it possible for the first time for anyone to program custom interactions and monitor connected devices and activities from a single dashboard. Netvibes’ easy-to-use interface empowers anyone to instantly create a new Potion with specific triggers and actions. Users can choose from pre-made Potions (shared by Netvibes or, soon, the community), or they can create a new Potion from scratch by selecting the ingredients: e.g., If A or B triggers happen, then do X and Y actions; otherwise do Z.  Netvibes Potions deliver full programmability, supporting multiple conditions and actions. It’s a simple yet powerful way to program your Internet.

DoT for Enterprise and Agencies – Automate Business Intelligence

With Netvibes all the data that matters to a business (including social media, cloud-based data, and uploaded .CSV and .XLS files) is analyzed in one dashboard. With Dashboard of Things, the enterprise can now program automated actions to occur based on insights from the dashboard, thereby automating business intelligence. For example, when customers complain about the company’s product on Twitter, automatically send an email to the product design team. Businesses can automate other actions as well: e..g, the marketing team can save time by automatically posting company articles on Facebook and Twitter as soon as they appear in the dashboard.

DoT for Geeks – Hack your own Potions

Netvibes DoT makes it easy for anyone to create and manage Potions on the dashboard. Technical users can switch to advanced mode to write their own Potions from scratch, using Netvibes Programming Language (NPL), a new language based on Javascript but created specifically for the Dashboard of Things.

Example Potions you can create:

  • Stock Monitoring: When your stock exceeds a set price, send yourself an email and tweet the stock price.
  • Reading List Building:When articles or tweets mention your company, add them to your reading list on Pocket.
  • Health Tracking:When you weigh yourself on your Internet-connected smart scale, congratulate yourself on Twitter if your weight is within your target range. Otherwise, email yourself to keep trying.
  • Weather Forecasting: When it’s going to rain, post the forecast on Facebook and text yourself to “bring an umbrella.”
  • Photo Archiving:When you post photos on Instagram, upload them to Dropbox.
  • Task Management:Every morning, email yourself your “To Do” list.
  • Social Media Monitoring:When your best friend posts something on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, email it to yourself.
  • And more! Netvibes is continually adding more ingredients and actions to DoT.


After building your own Internet on a topic, which was the original Netvibes, we then added Social Analytics and MisoData Intelligence to understand what was going on in your Internet. With Dashboard of Things, Netvibes has achieved the third step—programming your Internet—to deliver on our vision of true Dashboard Intelligence,” said Freddy Mini, CEO of Netvibes.


Dashboard of Things is available immediately upon request as a private technology preview. Request a demo HERE. General availability will be announced later in Q1 2015.


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