Informatica Modernizes Data Management with Cisco to Fuel New Business Insights

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Informatica Corporation (Nasdaq:INFA), a leading  independent provider of data integration software, today announced a joint Data Warehouse Optimization solution with Cisco for organizations looking to modernize data management and fuel new business insights. Combining flagship Informatica and Cisco® technologies with Hadoop, the new Data Warehouse Optimization solution enables customers to integrate and analyze more data and types of data, more effectively and economically, with lower risk. The solution provides a single platform for offloading processing and storage for data warehouses to Hadoop.

With the growing pace of business and increasing use of mobile devices and industrial sensors, businesses have never had as much opportunity to create competitive edge fueled by data.  New scalable and efficient technologies such as Hadoop are enabling larger quantities and varieties of data to be collected, perfected, and protected to drive new innovations and fuel competitive edge.  Surveys show that traditional technologies are not being properly utilized to meet the challenges of modern business.

To meet exploding business demands for data, it is vital that data warehouse systems be optimized for higher value utilization. Yet, surveys by Appfluent Technology, Inc., a provider of Big Data management software to transform the economics of Big Data and Hadoop, show that as much as 50 percent of a traditional data warehouse’s processing capacity is spent on data integration tasks, and that up to 70 percent of data in a typical warehouse environment is infrequently used, thus exerting a further drag on warehouse resources.

Enterprises seek simpler solutions for accelerating the deployment of modern data management environments while minimizing risks in the areas of productivity, maintainability and data governance. The most viable solution is to offload ETL/ELT processing and archive data to Hadoop to free data warehouse resources for higher value tasks.

The Informatica and Cisco Data Warehouse Optimization solution helps minimize the risks of transitioning from traditional systems to Hadoop for faster integration and preparation of greater volumes and more varieties of data.

Data warehouse optimization is a key IT initiative of data management modernization and the pursuit of next generation analytics,” said Ash Parikh, vice president of product marketing, Data Integration and Security, Informatica. “Utilizing proven Cisco and Informatica technologies for big data integration and archiving, data virtualization, and big data management, the Data Warehouse Optimization solution provides a simple and trusted solution for organizations seeking the scalability and economics of Hadoop.”

Powering big data adoption and logical data warehousing

The Data Warehouse Optimization solution works with a customer’s Apache Hadoop distribution of choice, including Cloudera, Hortonworks and MapR. The solution provides a complete software, networking and computing infrastructure for utilizing big data in all its varieties, encompassing:

  • Informatica Big Data Edition – Runs data integration and data refinement workloads (e.g.: ELT and ETL) natively on Hadoop for superior scalability and performance, and enables infrequently used historical data to be archived to Hadoop for superior economics, while keeping archived data readily accessible to business users and analytic applications.
  • Cisco Data Virtualization Platform – Federates data across the data warehouse and Hadoop for logical data warehousing, empowering organizations with a comprehensive view of all their data assets coupled with seamless data availability.
  • Cisco Unified Computing System™ (UCS) – Provides a simple, high- performance and highly scalable Hadoop-optimized hardware platform that combines compute, networking, storage and unified management capabilities for efficiently and cost-effectively handling big data.

The Data Warehouse Optimization solution is about enabling organizations to more easily leverage all their data assets – current and historical, transaction and interaction – for more effective analytics while reducing their data management costs,” said Mike Flannagan, vice president and general manager of Data and Analytics at Cisco. “More than the sum of its parts, the solution’s Cisco and Informatica elements work synergistically to meet the demands of big data, to respond quickly to changing information needs, and to deliver insights that drive increased competitiveness and business innovation.”


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