Trifacta Launches Exclusive Free Trial

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Trifacta, a leading Data Transformation Platform provider, announced the launch of the Trifacta Trial Program. With this free trial, data analysts, data engineers and data scientists can now experience Trifacta first-hand to more efficiently discover, structure, cleanse, enrich and distill big data stored in Hadoop.

The company is accepting trial requests on their website at –

The Trifacta Trial Program allows users to experience the Trifacta Data Transformation Platform for wrangling big, diverse data without having to configure hardware or software. This exclusive 14-day trial includes sample data, step-by-step tutorials and support resources to assist new users. Trial participants also have the ability to upload and transform their own data sets for downstream analysis or visualization.

Trifacta addresses the most complex and time-consuming part of any big data analytics project – making the data ready for analysis,” said Adam Wilson, CEO of Trifacta. “The Trifacta Trial Program allows any enterprise to evaluate our software, and see why we’re the most productive and cost effective solution for preparing big data on Hadoop.”

Trifacta elevates data wrangling into an intuitive, visual experience built from the ground up to handle the size and complexities of data in Hadoop.  Unique capabilities of the platform include:

  • Visual Data Profiling speeds up information workers’ ability to discover distinctive patterns, exploring data relationships with connected interactive visualizations
  • Predictive Interaction™ leverages machine learning and inputs from both user behavior and properties of the data to provide intelligent suggestions and accelerate data preparation
  • Wrangle, the Domain-Specific Language for data transformation, optimizes execution across Spark, MapReduce and other frameworks

As a result, data transformation becomes a lightweight experience that is far more agile and efficient than traditional coding or manual manipulation. Trifacta clients report up to 10 times greater productivity preparing data for downstream analytics, business processes and business intelligence tools.


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