Cognitive Scale Debuts First Cognitive Clouds on IBM Bluemix

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Cognitive_scale_logoCognitive Scale announced the first standards based cognitive clouds powering applications running on IBM Bluemix. Bluemix is the third platform-as-a-service running Cognitive Scale’s cognitive clouds, the others being Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud.

Customers running cognitive clouds that power apps on IBM Bluemix accelerate the value of their investments in Big Data. Cognitive Scale enables this by providing customers with greater visibility into all of their data, delivering billions of curated insights, understanding natural language, and continuously learning.

Cognitive clouds are the next evolution of cloud computing and a new class of data interpretation and learning systems that accelerate the development of cognitive applications. Cognitive Scale’s cognitive clouds work with multi-structured and industry specific data, including unstructured or “dark data” found in databases, blogs, emails, social media, and images. Their ability to continuously learn from user engagement and extract and uncover patterns from structured and unstructured data sources across the Web and on mobile devices results in personalized, contextualized and actionable cognitive insights.

Businesses struggle to gain insight from their massive pools of data because they are presented with inconsistent or incomplete data sets that lack the ability to think, learn and contextualize information. While public clouds address part of these problems, they create more challenges such as security, compliance and performance issues,” said Matt Sanchez, founder and chief technology officer, Cognitive Scale. “Running Cognitive Scale’s cognitive clouds on the IBM Bluemix platform, customers are assured that these issues are non-existent. Then, by including cognitive insight in their applications and business processes, they can effectively use information to drive business results.”

Domain Specific Cognitive Clouds Transform Healthcare, Travel and Retail Industries

Cognitive Scale’s cognitive clouds for healthcare bring together information from public, private, social, and device sources and securely integrate this data, along with patient information, which results in more personalized care. It also transforms healthcare from being a costly and reactive way to fight disease to a cost efficient and proactive way to prevent illness and promote wellness.

The travel industry cognitive cloud provides a faster, easier and more personalized way to plan travel based on travel information, online reviews, and insightful recommendations based on personal preferences.

In retail, cognitive clouds are transforming the shopping experience by curating items of interest to individual shoppers and then presenting the right offers at the right time.

Delivering Insights as Service For Digital Business Processes

Cognitive clouds also provide value to horizontal business processes such as employee service desks, human resources, billing, and procurement, for example. Cognitive insights enable businesses to better understand the thousands, if not millions, of businesses processes transacted throughout their companies every day. This insight transforms business processes, which boosts productivity, improves customer satisfaction, and results in cost savings.

Cognitive Scale’s cognitive clouds offer complete transparency while maintaining security and data sovereignty. The massively portable clouds can be created in 10 seconds, deliver a cognitive app in 10 hours based on Cognitive Scale’s curated insights, and customize the app using customer data within 10 days.

Additionally, its search capabilities deliver insight that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. Its ability to understand natural language, continuously learn with every user interaction, offer personalized recommendations, and support e-commerce further increases its value over time.


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