Saama Announces Fluid Analytics Engine

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Saama_logoSaama Technologies, Inc., a leading pure-play analytics solutions company, announced Fluid Analytics, a highly flexible analytics solution offering for fast, measurable business outcomes exactly suited to customers needs. This allows companies to create sustainable competitive analytics in days or weeks as opposed to months or quarters, in even the most challenging enterprise environments. The Fluid Analytics Engine is the first of its kind to fully break free from platform or application paradigms and to completely focus on fast data fabric capabilities, accepting that change and the need for speed are the only constants for companies today.

The Fluid Analytics Engine (FAE) rapidly fuses Saama ready-analytics solution components, partner technologies, third-party data and last-mile business visualization and exploration with existing IT assets and new data sources such as the Internet of Things (IoT) to address the rapid changes taking place in global markets, allowing customers to fully capitalize on Big Data opportunities. Examples of Saama’s broad suite of Ready Analytics solutions powered by the FAE include Real World Evidence Analytics (Life Science), Customer Analytics (all industries), Insurance Fraud Analytics and Predictive Churn Analytics.

Information consumer applications need to access combinations of information and analysis across multistructured data located in multiple cloud and on-premises services,” said Bill Hostmann, Research VP, Distinguished Analyst at Gartner. “The related integration technologies and business models for information consumer applications are still being defined, but a market and set of market categories will emerge over the next two to three years.” (1)

Along these lines, pre-integration is a core capability of the Fluid Analytics Engine; reusability, repeatability and flexibility are further foundational features included to be able to deliver targeted solutions for todays’ information citizens. The FAE flexibly combines existing assets and new components across the layers of the data stack, and powers the new solution as a runtime, highly scalable engine. The analytical solution specification is defined as a configuration instead of coding. In addition to offering several connector choices, the FAE can complement the customers’ existing infrastructure with available Saama extensions for any last-mile needs. FAE is a patented technology that addresses:

  • The time between the business need and business outcome for the shortest delivery time.
  • The least change management and cost.

When it comes to the fundamental business needs for analytics, there is nothing more important than speed and flexibility – because markets never stand still,” said Sagar Anisingaraju, Saama Chief Strategy Officer and head of engineering. “Any static software or packaged platform that is coded and released for a certain time or technology stack is quickly out of date and becomes an IT debt rather than an IT asset. On the other hand, a pure services approach does not scale and is rarely cost-effective, even if it will address the exact issue the customer is looking for. Saama’s Fluid Analytics Engine offers the only flexible and fast way to achieve data-driven business outcomes without constraints.”

The Fluid Analytics Engine includes specific capabilities for data management, integration technologies, a security model, a broad set of more than 3000 algorithms and four patents to support data science, and a varied set of templates and capabilities for visualization. It is fine-tuned to make the most of unlimited cloud resources and Hadoop-built data lakes. In addition, the Saama leverages strategic partnerships e.g. with Google, Amazon, Hortonworks, Informatica and Tableau to incorporate best-of-breed Master Data Management (MDM), visualization or other technologies as required by the customer.

The Fluid Analytics Engine is ideal for Big Data projects where the ability to analyze structured and unstructured data, deliver insights on cloud and mobile, and move beyond descriptive to predictive and prescriptive advanced analytics is paramount. The FAE is sold in 2 forms, in support of Saama’s existing suite of Ready Analytics solutions, and as a reusable delivery engine with which customers can quickly develop any solution they want.

(1) Gartner, Predicts 2015: Information Strategy — New Roles, New Responsibilities, Bill Hostmann, Alexander Linden, Andrew White, David Newman, Joe Bugajski, Lakshmi Randall, Alan Dayley, Debra Logan, December 10, 2014.


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