Cognitive Scale and Deloitte Join Forces for Healthcare Through Cognitive Computing

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Cognitive_scale_logoCognitive Scale announced an agreement with Deloitte Consulting LLP to deliver services and technology that will enable both companies to take a leadership position in transforming the delivery of healthcare to consumers and care providers through the application of cognitive cloud technology. Deloitte plans to leverage Cognitive Scale’s technology in a number of strategic initiatives, including the shift of the US healthcare system from volume to value (Value-based Care) and the transformation to a consumer-centric healthcare system.

The relationship between Cognitive Scale and Deloitte Consulting includes development activities, the use of dedicated facilities, collaboration on healthcare cloud industry standards and models, and training of systems integrators.

Today, more than $2.75 trillion is spent on healthcare in the United States1 and according to the Deloitte 2014 Global Healthcare Outlook, total global health spending will continue to rise by an average of 5.3 percent each year through 2017. Also, according to the Centers for Disease Control, as of 2012, one in four adults has two or more chronic health conditions. Yet chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and stroke are among the most common, costly and preventable of all health problems. Cognitive Scale and Deloitte Consulting are working together to address these issues in a variety of ways.

Accelerating Adoption of Cognitive CloudTM Technology

Deloitte Consulting is building applications that will leverage Cognitive Scale’s healthcare Cognitive Cloud platform. These applications will be designed to enable patients and care organizations to improve the quality of care and foster on-going engagement with patients resulting in a healthier population and lowered healthcare costs.

Deloitte Consulting will also create a “Cognitive Computing Neighborhood” in its Atlanta-based iLab technology center. A first-of-its-kind lab for a global professional services firm, the iLab center is one of the firm’s hubs for developing consumer-centric, cloud-based software and analytics products for its Fortune 250 healthcare and life sciences clients.

Cognitive Scale and Deloitte Consulting plan to collaborate on defining open cognitive healthcare cloud standards for first and third party data, sourcing, provisioning, and usage along with developing methods to foster interoperability and access on cognitive systems.

Additionally, Deloitte Consulting is training more than 100 consultants and developers to customize and build cognitive applications for healthcare providers, healthcare plans, and federal healthcare agencies.

There’s no shortage of healthcare solutions designed to address patient care, chronic illness, and the rising costs of healthcare. Yet those point solutions are limited in their ability to treat the patient holistically,” said Paul Roma, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP. “Cognitive Scale is the first to take a holistic view of patient care and apply its cloud based cognitive computing platform and healthcare insights to transform the healthcare industry from being a costly and reactive way to treat illness and disease to providing proactive, value-based, patient centric care.”

Delivering Insights-as-a-Service

Healthcare data currently proliferates faster than any human can analyze it. Together, Deloitte Consulting and Cognitive Scale are applying cognitive computing to respond to the overwhelming increase in data.

Specifically, Cognitive Scale’s healthcare Cognitive Cloud enables plans and providers to organize, manage, and make sense of their volumes of structured and unstructured data.

Built on open standards, Cognitive Scale’s healthcare cognitive cloud comes with healthcare models, graphs, data sets and sources already installed and provides full data lifecycle management. It includes more than seven billion healthcare specific data points and 620 million objects spanning diseases, symptoms, medicines, side effects, doctors, reviews, pharmacies, and other entities. It also brings together critical information found in lab and imaging systems, physicians’ notes from EMR systems, and social and device data that is often overlooked because it’s difficult to access and process.

The healthcare cognitive cloud is continuously refreshed from external third party sources as well as information about patients from electronic medical records and claims systems. This provides a comprehensive and continuous view of data and information that spans clinical, financial, socio-economic, behavioral, and lifestyle influences.

The Cognitive Cloud can provide healthcare organizations with greater data security, sovereignty, and transparency while maintaining maximum flexibility and control over how and where data is stored and accessed.

Working with Deloitte, whose clients include more than 80 percent of the leading healthcare organizations, enables us to positively impact the way healthcare is managed and consumer centric care is delivered,” said Akshay Sabhikhi, chief executive officer, Cognitive Scale. “Our combined efforts have already demonstrated that cognitive computing leads to improved patient care and lowered healthcare costs. Together, we’ll continue to bridge the gap between patients and care providers to change the way healthcare is administered and illness is treated throughout the world.”


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