Ryft Announces Big Data Analytics Platform Capable of 10+ GB/Sec Performance

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ryft_logoRyft today unveiled the Ryft ONE, a new commercial 1U platform capable of providing fast and actionable business insights by simultaneously analyzing up to 48 terabytes of historical and streaming data at an unprecedented 10 Gigabytes/second or faster. Powered by the Ryft Analytics Cortex™, a new massively parallel, hardware-accelerated architecture, the Ryft ONE enables data scientists and business analysts to extract intelligence from data in real-time, replacing hundreds of high-end servers and slashing operational costs by 70%. A single Ryft ONE, using less power than a hair dryer, can store and analyze the equivalent of the contents of Wikipedia in 4.5 seconds without any data indexing, pre-processing, tuning, or partitioning.

You can’t squeeze the real-time insights you need to run your business from solutions built on decades-old hardware architectures. The performance required to unlock the value of big data demands a new type of architecture that optimizes compute, storage and IO,” said Des Wilson, CEO of Ryft. “The Ryft ONE will shift the market from legacy x86 architectures to a platform purpose-built for real-time analysis. That’s because the Ryft ONE is open and compact like a Linux server but executes like a high performance computer – beating the performance of hundreds of conventional servers at a fraction of the cost ”

About the Ryft ONE

Years in the making, the Ryft ONE combines breakthroughs in both hardware and software to boost big data analysis with the:

  • Ryft Analytics Cortex (RAC) – Massively parallel, hardware-accelerated compute architecture that speeds historical and streaming data analytics to speeds of 10 Gigabytes/second and faster.
  • Ryft Algorithm Primitives (RAP) Library – Expanding collection of pre-built algorithm components such as search, term frequency, and fuzzy search that accelerate the development and execution of applications.
  • Linux Front-end and Open API: Compliant with open standards to work with a wide range of visualization, scheduling, performance monitoring, and systems management tools. Supports popular programming languages such as C/C++, Java, R, Python, and others.
  • Encrypted Data Set Mining:  Analyzes SSL encrypted data without added latency to protect sensitive data without sacrificing performance.

Performance Benchmarking

Benchmark tests conducted in early 2015 against the highest-performing in-memory solutions showed a single Ryft ONE outperformed large Spark clusters of 100 to 200 nodes, at a 70% operational savings. Performance benchmarks for Term Frequency, Exact Search and Fuzzy Search are provided at ryft.com/products. 

Ryft ONE Availability and Resources

The Ryft ONE will be available in early Q2 2015 as a hosted or on-premises solution.


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