1010data Rolls Out New Integration Between R and 1010data

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1010data_squarelogo1010data, Inc., the Big Data Discovery platform that uniquely combines a complete analytical platform with all of the relevant data clients need, today announced the release of R1010, a new R package that integrates directly with 1010data’s award-winning Big Data Discovery platform.   The R1010 package provides an interface to use the data and advanced analytics within 1010data directly via the R console – unifying the power of both technologies.

Many data scientists got their start with R and are familiar with its open-source statistical functions.  When combined with 1010data’s native ability to handle Big Data, the R1010 package provides data scientists the best of both worlds, a compendium of statistical functions and a massively parallel Big Data Discovery platform.  Modelers who are already comfortable in the R environment can easily apply their models to Big Data by storing queries as R-strings and executing them against 1010data connected data frames.

We are excited to bring our Big Data Discovery platform to R users,” said Sandy Steier Co-founder and CEO of 1010data. “Combining 1010data’s ability to analyze unlimited volumes of data with the broad set of statistical functions familiar to the R community, enables data scientists to build analytical models on large scale data at an unprecedented rate.”

The new R1010 package includes functions to easily establish and manage 1010data sessions, as well as to browse 1010data folders from within the R interactive console.  R1010 allows users to crunch through massive volumes of raw data in 1010data’s Big Data Discovery platform and integrate their favorite CRAN packages using the full R feature set to perform complex statistical analysis.  In addition, the R1010 package has R Query Interface (RQI) functions, which provide a native R experience for query development.


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