Metanautix Launches Personal Quest Data Compute Engine for Individual Users

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metanautix-logo_featureMetanautix, a big data analytics company focused on simplifying the data supply chain, today announced the availability of Metanautix Personal Quest. Personal Quest allows individual users to make rapid decisions on data assets of different format, shape and location using preferred tools like Tableau and the high-level functionality of standard SQL. Personal Quest is free for a single user with no time limit, but comes with some usage limits and sharing requirements compared to other editions of the product.

To download Metanautix Personal Quest, click here.

Personal Quest is about giving analysts a first-hand experience with a real enterprise data compute engine that just works in their existing environment,” said Theo Vassilakis, CEO of Metanautix. “The zero cost price point of this edition should help individuals see how their Tableau and SQL skills can be expanded by a next generation product that can immediately simplify day-to-day data tasks.”

With Personal Quest, users can join data of different formats like CSV, JSON and Parquet from a wide range of data sources including Teradata, MongoDB, Hadoop/HDFS and other relational and NoSQL databases from the major vendors. The latest release includes more than 90 functions including k-means clustering and fuzzy joins for Customer 360 applications. Quest is also extensible and can execute new or existing Python code from English-like SQL statements. Personal Quest allows a user to evaluate the speed and usability of the Metanautix data compute engine on a laptop or single machine before scaling to larger teams and sets of data with the unlimited scaling of Enterprise Quest. The free version empowers every type of analyst to leverage multiple sources of data and find answers fast, without elaborate setup or overhead.

For most enterprises, there is no platform that provides a single source of the truth. Increasingly, enterprises are looking to a variety of sources to get the big picture,” said Tony Baer, principal analyst at Ovum. “As enterprises rely on an increasingly heterogeneous mix of SQL, NoSQL and big data platforms for insights, they will require tools that provide transparent access to data, no matter where it resides or in what form.”

Metanautix Quest allows analysts to easily access and combine data from disparate silos into easy-to-understand tables – whether the data is records, logs, documents, audio files, images or videos. For example, it’s easy to interactively join a traditional Teradata table with sales transactions to a MongoDB file containing product catalog and show results in Tableau without elaborate extract, transform, and load (ETL) processing. The solution works within an organization’s existing toolset such as easy deployment in VMware and other environments. Metanautix Quest enables a simple and transparent data supply chain resulting in more effective collaboration, governance, security, privacy and compliance.


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