ClearStory Data Advances Data Blending and Harmonization Capabilities for Speed in Data Preparation and Business-ready Insights

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ClearStory-Data-LogoClearStory Data, the company bringing business-oriented Data Intelligence to everyone, further advances its patent-pending Intelligent Data Harmonization™ system and intuitive user application, giving both data stewards and business users unprecedented power and speed for disparate data analysis and holistic, blended insights. ClearStory Data unveils this next advancement at the Gartner Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit in Las Vegas this week. The value to Global 2000 companies is reduced data prep time, easy blending of disparate data on the fly, and even faster results for multi-source data analysis. The data sources can be diverse in nature; spanning private data sources, external data sources and cloud applications.

Today, companies across all major industries in highly competitive markets need to speed up the end-to-end data pipeline from diverse data sources to reach meaningful blended insights to stay ahead of the competition. Weeks or months of data wrangling does not cut it anymore, nor do solutions that have a heavy reliance on data experts or data scientists. The power shift from IT-dependent analysis to businesses becoming self-reliant is driving the need for rapid innovation in disparate data analysis. ClearStory’s solution, as evidenced by concrete customer metrics, is the fastest, most user-friendly solution in the industry.

ClearStory’s fast-cycle analysis and intelligent data harmonization was already a leap above anything that last-generation BI and analytics solutions have provided. Now this release lets our teams get to blended and harmonized data insights 50 percent faster than before,” said Timothy Weaver, CIO at Del Monte Foods, Inc. “What used to take days of people’s time is now automated in a powerful self-service model with greater processing speed, user controls, and an even more beautiful user experience that anyone can use. Our mission continues to be enabling business analysts to be more independent and productive with self-driven insights. ClearStory is squarely in line with our organization’s data goals.”

The advanced Data Harmonization features include new user controls and more intelligence on data dimensions. The enhanced platform boosts performance even further with advances in ClearStory’s Apache Spark-based data processing engine. The net result for any user, in any organization, is an extremely fast path to insights that includes more volumes of data across disparate internal and external data sources.

Highlights of the new advancements include:

  • More advances in data harmonization via deeper, faster inference: ClearStory’s advanced data harmonization platform is powered by an inference and profiling engine to extract metadata in real-time, using Apache Spark’s fast in-memory processing. Data dimensions including dates, time, currencies, geographical entities, and other custom attributes can be inferred and blended with no pre-modeling or prior knowledge of the data required. Enhancements include the collection of additional statistics and intelligent semantics to measure the overlap of individual attributes across data sets, further ensuring the accuracy of harmonization. In addition, the integration of Spark 1.2 in ClearStory’s data processing engine improves the performance of data inferencing and harmonization. It lets users tap into more sources while speeding data access, reduce data prep time and accelerate business insights.
  • A new guided user model with more options, designed for anyone to do data blending and mash-ups: Data preparation and data blending has always been relegated to IT experts who go through tedious, complex data modeling cycles. With ClearStory Data, anyone can access, prep, blend and harmonize data without needing to be an IT or BI expert. The underlying smarts of the harmonization engine is complemented with the elegance of a breakthrough user interface that business users and analysts can use. Users have more visibility and control of their data blending strategy across disparate data sets, resulting in a harmonized, holistic view.
  • Deeper lineage and provenance of data: Harmonized result sets can now be stored as new blended data units that are treated as first-class citizens and can be made available to others using the system, and to other applications such as ERP and other operational systems prevalent in Global 2000 companies. ClearStory Data now captures deep data lineage, including: parent data sets, source of origin, structure and shape of data. It performs intelligent transformations applied to these disparate data sources, providing users with traceability of the data flow into the analytics pipeline.

ClearStory’s advancement in data harmonization delivers powerful user controls and complete visibility into how disparate data sets should be harmonized together, thereby, reducing the time and complexity it takes users to prepare data for analysis,” said Vaibhav Nivargi, co-founder and chief architect at ClearStory Data. “This release strikes a new balance between the power that intelligent data harmonization brings to business users and the level of precision and control that more data-savvy users typically prefer. These new capabilities guide users to the best data to blend together to ensure that the resulting harmonized data can deliver fast, accurate and meaningful insights.”


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